Susan Boyle Effect
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Submitted By: Anonymous on May 18, 2009
About the Video: fitamina75 wrote: How did Susan Boyle take the world by storm? Claude Camilleri Life Coach and NLP Practitioner
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Jeana commented on June 14, 2009
The Susan Boyle effect was good. Like YourAwesome, Susan has also become my life inspiration. You have rocked the world , Susan!!
delly commented on May 20, 2009
Many people dream the wrong dreams and aspire to be something they don't have the talent for and were never meant to be. They dream of being something they can't achieve because God never intended it. Susan's talent has always been apparent to other people. She has trained for it, studied it and practiced it her whole life. SUSAN IS A SINGER and she has proven to the world that she was always meant to be a singer. It took a bit longer than usual but she will be a household name for many years to come. You can't become a Susan Boyle if you don't have the talent she has, but you can become what you were intended to be when you use the talent you were born and blessed with, no matter what that talent is.
Allikat commented on May 19, 2009
Hmm--nice advertisement. Only problem is, not just 'everyone&#­39; is supposed to have, follow and realize enormous dreams. Some of us are on this Earth for other reasons. Count me amongst those who can simply enjoy watching others, like Susan, fulfill their own dreams.
YourAwesome commented on May 18, 2009
Susan has given me pure joy!! The simple joy of hearing her sing, and watching her dreams unfold...AMAZIN­G!! Yes to Ruby, and Godscre...We are all on our own paths, to me its about personal happiness/givin­g/receiving. All of our dreams are different and as unique as we are. Blessings Susan Friends :)
Godscre commented on May 18, 2009
Well said RubyRose. She's an inspiration to us on many levels in many ways. I try not to compare myself with other's success. I guess it's hard to put down in words, but life is a journey which is walked differently by everyone. I've seen young people who lie in bed or sit in a chair their whole lives. I guess I'm a little bit of a realist, but we should all have hope to be the best we were mean't to be. :)
RubyRose commented on May 18, 2009
Godscre, I don't believe that every person can achieve their dreams if they only dream big enough, work hard enough, go through enough to make it a reality. Beating people over the head with that concept breaks them down, it doesn't build them up. Positive thinking and a good work ethic is one thing, but being told that you can be another Bill Gates if you only work hard enough is ridiculous. However, sometimes the dreams of ordinary people come fantastically true and that's why Susan is such a huge inspiration for me. That her dreams are coming true encourages me in my own everyday life, because great and wonderful things do happen to ordinary folk. I think there's a lot to be said for enjoying her success vicariously. Millions of people seem to be reaping all sorts of good benefits in their own lives, because Susan is on the verge of seeing her wildest dreams come true.
Godscre commented on May 18, 2009
Messages like this make me wonder if everyone CAN realize their dreams. False hope. We shouldn't abuse Susan's fame with giving people hope which they may not be able to realize their own dreams. It's unfair to do to people.
Rip commented on May 18, 2009
It's obvious that this "life coach" is using Susan's fan site to draw clients to his own website. This guy lacks integrity and he apparently lacks clients too.
Attie5 commented on May 18, 2009
Excellent commentary!
YourAwesome commented on May 18, 2009
Susan is my new life coach! lol Really she has truly inspired everyone naturally! She is AWESOME...I do get your point and believe everyone should "step outside their comfort zone."