Pre-BGT, 'Fame' - 1998
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Submitted By: Anonymous on December 19, 2009
About the Video: age 37.

Newly unearthed recording of pre-fame Susan Boyle singing the eighties hit 'Fame' (originally sung by Irene Cara), on April 10. 1998. The then 37 year old sings the song at a talent contest in the Wishaw & District Ex-Servicemen's Institute, Lanarkshire. Andrea Mains realised the lady she'd filmed competing alongside her daughter Charlene was now a superstar. Andrea, 47, recalled: "It is really ironic to watch Susan singing Fame when, 11 years later, she's known all over the world."...
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Derd Lim commented on August 23, 2012
Susan Boyle lit up the sky like a flame! Beautiful rendition! More success Susan Boyle! We love you and will continue to support you by buying your albums and cds.
Derd Lim commented on August 23, 2012
She indeed lit up the sky like a flame! Beautiful!
Rita De Genova commented on June 18, 2012
Beautifully sung by our Susan, how ironic, this song, fame was who Susan would become,She is everything that is said in the song! Love this lady~~ Rock on Susan sister, friend ~~~~``
KathrynJ commented on March 17, 2011
Absolutely this has to be a "10+" Susan really being herself and note at the end of the song it says "remember my name" and then the compere says "thank you SUSAN"!
Harriet Walsworth commented on March 01, 2010
I agree with caye, looking back at her photographs she has always been lovely, and guess what, SHE STILL IS. 10
Linda Sharon commented on January 28, 2010
Boy these words are almost prophetic for what was to come ten years later.
caye commented on January 28, 2010
Susan, you are not hidden anymore! There you were and now we can all enjoy your lovely voice. we do have Simon to thank What a dicovery that was! Caye
caye commented on January 28, 2010
I am so glad that you found this and thank-you for sharing it with us, her fans. Wasn't she lovely and so gracious?..I just adore her. Caye
susaphone commented on January 21, 2010
There you were, hidden all those years in a tiny village in Scotland. Now, the world can hear your voice and rejoice.
jeani commented on January 19, 2010
To hear Susan's album is to fill her love and spirit in each song or maybe we all fill THE spirit within us that Susan brings out. I have 4 of her cd's so I would be sure she is every where I am. I have never joined a 'fan club' but will be a fan of Susan's 1st album always. I get completely lost in her voice and the arrangement of the songs. You did good Susan. It is your time to fly, open arms and ready to stand. The world needs more of those songs! Fly!
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