Britain's Got Talent, Interview just before the Final results - 4/30/09
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Submitted By: Patricia's Art on July 17, 2009
About the Video: Susan Boyle Interview 30/05/09 Final Saturday
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Nancee commented on July 21, 2009
I pray that we will be able to see that Susan, with that wonderful sense of humor and funny antic, many more times. I love it when she makes me laugh. I am so afraid 'they' repress that.
Nancee commented on July 17, 2009
Thanks for sharing this, as I had never seen this part with her saying she was the Scottish wonder woman, but had read fans commenting on it. Wish we could see all of the final videos with Susan in just one video. Thanks again, Patricia
Selimron commented on July 17, 2009
Susan is definitly "Our Scottish Wonder Woman"
uplord commented on July 17, 2009
Great News for Susan Boyle fans! NBC' Meredith Vieira has interviewed Susan Boyle. The interview will air on the Today show July 22 with an extended interview on America's Got Talent Wednesday evening 9-10 PM on NBC, June 22. Photos from the interview will be released June 20th.
uplord commented on July 17, 2009
Yes, Susan, you are our Scottish wonder woman. Thanks for sharing.
Linda Sharon commented on July 17, 2009
I can hardly stand to watch the final knowing how upset she was - and frankly I was upset that weekend too when I heard about it all. So on all counts I have trouble watching those. She has such a naturally bubbly jolly spirit. That was squashed that weekend but squashed or not - the lassie can sing and did! I was praying for her on the way to work today and asking God to give her success in whatever she's doing with here career and I also asked God to give her lots to giggle about today in that sweet giggle - oh and JUST LET THE LASSIE SING!!!!!!
PhyllisIA commented on July 17, 2009
Yes, she is our wonderwoman. Just remember that day and how frail she looked. Not now! Thanks, score 10.
Misti in Seattle commented on July 17, 2009
She is so cute! :) Thanks for sharing this. Yes she IS our Scottish wonderwoman and she has proven it!