Molly Meldrum Interview on Australian TV, Sunrise, Part 1 - 12/9/09
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Submitted By: Anonymous on December 11, 2009
About the Video: The ultimate Susan Boyle interview. The superstar opens up to Molly Meldrum on Australian Television, on Sunrise.
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bluewren commented on January 06, 2010
Not a bad interview Molly didn't seem to know how to handle her.But I think he did warm to her a little and Susan was very sweet and natural must have been a new experience for Meldrum.
Gozzy commented on January 05, 2010
Susan, our heavenly mother is proud of you too.
KathrynJ commented on December 16, 2009
Thanks Molly - you did Australia proud in interviewing Susan. Score 10.
Jeana commented on December 13, 2009
My family loves you, Susan!!
Talent commented on December 12, 2009
Susan is the dearest person. It is so wonderful she expresses herself so loving about her mother. Susan has earned her star and dream. I just wish her management wouldn't push her so. The world needs a person like Susan Boyle and we want her with us a long time. VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, Susan.
Anniewho commented on December 12, 2009
Dear Susan, I was sorry to hear that you wouldn't be coming to Canada to perform in December, I was so looking forward to hearing you live. I don't pay too much attention to the news but have heard bits here and there that you have had your share of critics. Susan, there are people in this world who always want to tear people down and see that they never succeed, forgive their weakness as they are caught in their own misery and see no way out, then there are people who carry a light within them and have the ability to touch those in need with that light...and that is you, Susan. Don't give up, what you have is more than a voice, its a message of hope and courage....carr­y on, be brave and always know that you are not alone. Ann
songbirdwatcher commented on December 12, 2009
I am so happy Susan proved those bullys wrong!, GOOD FOR HER!
a fan from thailand commented on December 12, 2009
I liked her when she said pressure had made her strong. Good girl Susan! You are true and human. You are not underdog; no one is underdog. You are a real human being who can feel good, bad, angry, loved, hated and so on. We love you and will give you firm support forever. Keep healthy and strong so that we can hear you sing joy and happiness for us. Score 10.
bgad commented on December 11, 2009
Thank heavens we are now getting personal interviews with Susan, who is articulate, and expresses herself beautifully. This interview is a real keeper. Go Susan with blessings surrounding you from all who appreciate you for who you are and for the heartfelt music you play with your voice.
rocker commented on December 11, 2009
Susan, You are an angel.
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