BGT Tour, Aberdeen - 6/23/09, 'I Dreamed a Dream' *
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Submitted By: Teesiel on June 23, 2009
About the Video: Susan Boyle LIVE and CLOSE UP!! singing I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables in Aberdeen, Scotland - Britain's Got Talent Live Tour, 23 June 2009
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susnlvr commented on July 08, 2009
If I get through Susan's performance without crying, your loving supportive comments bring me to tears. What a remarkable fan base Susan has.
linascro commented on July 04, 2009
I wish to be able to see Suzan in a show but I live in Canada.A dream to me to see her in person!!!!
Marie-Fan Forever Canada commented on July 01, 2009
Bravissimo Dear Susan !!! Encore and Encore...Encore
Pete P commented on June 27, 2009
Thanks again Teesiel,great close up of Susan.Her singing and stage presence seems to get better with each performance..Pe­te P
pomsarepeople commented on June 25, 2009
She just glows! What a beautiful woman!
tomasina commented on June 25, 2009
It's really a privilege to know this kind of person. Her voice is a gift to the world. Thank you so much Susan. Best is coming for you and for us. xxxxx
bizylizy3 commented on June 24, 2009
Very nice, Teesiel! Score: 10+
T.J. commented on June 24, 2009
Keep singing as the more you sing the Dream gets bigger & better. Great job Susan.
2SusanBFans commented on June 24, 2009
Fantastic! Love it! Love it! Thanks for posting this video!!!
twisted sister commented on June 24, 2009
Good going Susan-- you are wonderful!!!!. Keep your sense of humour and enjoy the ride. Please do not get exhausted.. You will have many opportunities to perform. Love you Susan and good bless
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