Susan Boyle ~ NBC Today Show ~ Sep 17
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on September 17, 2009
About the Video: Susan Boyle ~ NBC Today Show ~ Sep 17

Susan on the Today show this morning...

Congratulations on conquering America!

Love you Susan!

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jtl commented on November 26, 2009
How she blesses my heart every time.
tumbleweed commented on September 23, 2009
Thank you Tommy. I waited on every word for Susan's experience in your country. 'Wild Horses' was so sensitively performed; Susan's comments afterwards indicated how near her late Mother's presence was to her. Susan was and is wonderful, and woe betide the British commentators that try to create a different image. [I'm over in Britain November/Decemb­er and will be knocking on Press doors I'm sure if denigration of Susan is printed.] Score 10.
CALVACUS commented on September 21, 2009
I live about an hour away from where Susan lives. Why do people think it would be better for her to live in America ?As far as i know she has no fire arms training. Im pretty sure she hasnt seen a gun in real life. Nor have i and Im the same age ? And i dont miss them a bit.PEACE
onlykaty commented on September 21, 2009
It was an amazing performance, my whole family watched, my mom and I both had to wipe tears listening to her. America does love Susan and I'm so proud we all showed her just how much. I wanted her experience in America to be a good one and hoped when she left she felt much much love. No matter what kind of music each of us perfer, in my family we all appreccite, admire and love Susan. I can't wait to get her first album.
Bluebell Butterfly commented on September 21, 2009
Indeed America have taken Susan to thier Hearts,!!Why would they not!!! She,s an amazing Songstress,and so Genuine.
lizzie commented on September 20, 2009
super super,fantastic xx
susan fever commented on September 19, 2009
Another good video, thank you TommyUSA. I am so happy that you Americans treat Susan so well, making her feel so loved and welcomed. I think Simon Cowell did a really good thing when he brought Susan to the States, and with all the love and warmth that was showered on Susan, it will boost her confidence. And also this fanclub had reps from other countries as well, so it is international. Hopefully it will make up for the cruel treatment that she got in Britain. But she seem to be getting more positive treatment from the Brits now, they probably feel embarrassed or even being jealous of the good American fans for giving so much love while she was in America. If there are any British fans on the fansite, I don't mean you guys, just the mean Brits. My daughter is married to a very nice English guy and his family is very nice. Back to Susan, she sings with so much emotions and feelings that she becomes the song. I like to listen to "Wild Horses" alone with no one around me. I would close my eyes and before I know it, I am transported by Susan's angelic voice to another place, a place of tranquility. Such a powerful voice. Love you Susan, can't wait to get you CD.
mrssusieqmi commented on September 19, 2009
Susan thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with the world. Like many others, when I want to feel better, I come and play BGT and listen to your first song. I dreamed a dream.Now that just about put me away, but Wild horses is awesome, I love the song. I have pre-ordered two of your cd already. One for myself and one for a friend. I am sure I'll be buying more for Christmas presents this year. Your absolutely beautiful and your voice is amazing. We love you Susan.
Beppenel commented on September 19, 2009
Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!!
josjack commented on September 19, 2009
I'm glad Susan is finally realizing how much she is loved and admired. I hope she had the BEST time here in America and will come back soon...and often!
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