Susan Boyle On Stage at Wrap - Edinburgh June 16th
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Submitted By: Teesiel on June 17, 2009
About the Video: Susan Boyle Up Close at Curtain Call
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Sandra-R commented on June 24, 2009
I love this video.
zskiberry commented on June 18, 2009
Awesome video! Thanks for sharing.
SunnyinDelaware commented on June 18, 2009
Teesiel, please thank you husband for me, for giving you these tickets. Wow, you are one lucky woman to have such a generous man....DOES he have a SINGLE BROTHER???...LO­L!!!!
RubyRose commented on June 18, 2009
I'll bet when your hubby gave you those tickets, he never imagined the joy he was giving to tens of thousands of Susafans. Thank you, sir! These videos have been a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Teesiel.
jud commented on June 17, 2009
That was really nice to see Susan enjoying herself alomg with the rest of group.
mina commented on June 17, 2009
tessiel thanks for all your videos and to share with us!!
Godscre commented on June 17, 2009
It was great to see your interview. Be safe.
Nordstu commented on June 17, 2009
This videos are just fantastic. Thanks a mil. to Teesiel, you made a pro job here, and most of all, made a lot of people happy.
Janet in Texas commented on June 17, 2009 go girl!!!..what a great set of videos. Just what we have waited for...close pictures so we can see her face and expressions. These are fantastic!!!!!!­!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.....
eagleflight commented on June 17, 2009
Great shots of her! Thanks again, you captured her joy.
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