Quilt and Fans NYC
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Submitted By: Anonymous on December 05, 2009
About the Video: (Video by gmasandi) A brunch was held November 23, 2009 following Susan Boyle's performance on the "Today" show. The fans presented Susan Boyle with a quilt.
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Sandrausa commented on December 29, 2009
What a lovely video. Susan is so special and I know the quilt meant so much to her. She will think of her fans every time she see that quilt. Susan has so much to give with her voice and sweet personality. Susan has made the biggest difference in 2009 with all of us.
lore commented on December 09, 2009
Love susan boyle Her Tv special is on Sunday Please post on youtube also She sings with Elaine Page,Donny and does a little Dance on the TV Special.. Congrats susan boyle
tiredbear commented on December 07, 2009
Outstanding voice. I love to listen to you sing. I hope to hear more. You have made me proud of you.
songbirdwatcher commented on December 06, 2009
Les C commented on December 06, 2009
Gorgeous! As a quilter I know how much love and effort went into that quilt! Bravo for her!!!
Borogal commented on December 06, 2009
Borogal commented on December 06, 2009
Beautiful video. Chenando....gre­at that you made it onto the quilt. Peace and Love my friend.
mystslaw commented on December 06, 2009
Beautifully done, Anonymous! Thank you
Chenando commented on December 06, 2009
"Money is like manure, you need to spread it around to makes things grow..."is a famous frase said by Barbra Streisand's character Mrs. Dolly Levy. Well Susan has spread herself making us all grow together with her!
Chenando commented on December 06, 2009
Ammo made me be in this quilt. Somewhere my na, Chenando, is written, and under it, where I come from, my dearest Puerto Rico. Chenando Puerto Rico
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