Susan Boyle Sings Angel by Sarah McLachlan - Tribute video
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Submitted By: davclas on December 16, 2014
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Susan Boyle sings Angel from her 6th album 'Hope'

There came a point during a desperate time in human events when an unsuspecting 'angel' appeared on the world stage in her own moment of desperation seeking to finally capture her long elusive 'Dream'. That devine collision of such diverse desperations created one of the most emotionally profound and long lasting unions ever witnessed between a performer and her audience. Susan Boyle had no idea that the angel of success helping her to fulfill her unrealized Dream was ultimately to come from within. Multiplied millions knew it before she did. The instant she opened her heart and her mouth in the angelic simplicity that caused the instant release of emotions in millions with their tears flowing freely as a sign of that proof, it brought multitudes to their emotional knees without even knowing why. The depth of that connection between Susan Boyle and her fans was without precedence.

In the years that have followed, this 'angel' has added one success after another until there is neither comparison nor words to describe it. Now, our 'angel', who is emotionally held by her millions like a 'captive bird' waiting for her to sing upon demand, has found her own 'angel' and it feels time for us (me) to set the captive free just as she did for us back when we had been trapped by our prejudices at the beginning that night when she took to the stage for the first time. The future is truly hers to enjoy in all of its fullness. May God Bless You, Susan Boyle, as much as we have been blessed by you over these years and may you 'fly free' forever.
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