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Submitted By: Anonymous on December 02, 2009
About the Video: Splash commentary, Susan's story so far, Dec 2009
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cakeppert commented on December 08, 2009
Absolutamente grandiosa, creo que Dios le tenia preparado este gran momento y demostrar al planeta quien es Susan, despues de una gran tormenta, salio el sol y ese sol es para todo el mundo que hoy aclama su nombre, y desea todos los exitos del planeta!! Felicidades Susan desde Buenos Aires, Argentina CK Mas de un 10
yowie commented on December 03, 2009
good on you susan,keep the dream going,luv your album
Selimron commented on December 02, 2009
Susan is such a down-to-earth person. All she want to do is make people Happy and I am estatic.
uplord commented on December 02, 2009
Only the beginning. So happy for Susan that her dream has come true beyond her wildest dreams. God Bless you, Susan. From one Susan to another.
LouiseM commented on December 02, 2009
Reagarding the quilt presentation, I would cry too if I were surrounded by my fateful fans and receiving a gift of this caliber. It's only natural that she should shed a few tears. She's overcome with emotions. Wouldn't we all? She'll survive this media frenzy. Right now she's just a bit overwhelmed. This is happening so fast. Artists that had 20 years to build their careers say it's still hard for them to cope with fame, imagine Susan who's twice as popular and reached that stardom in less than 6 months. We're all here to back her up! God bless, Susan!
CzechLadyUSA commented on December 02, 2009
We love you Susan!!!! God Bless you! Score: 10
aunty R commented on December 02, 2009
keep going Susan there is a lot more out there for someone who has as much talent as you have. Love you Susan B.
susanaddict commented on December 02, 2009
Everythig that was said was true, but not how Susan Boyle would have said it!
camisu11 commented on December 02, 2009
Fantastic, she won the World's Got Talent and Character Show!
birthe commented on December 02, 2009
Wonderful score :10
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