"There's Something about Susan" - 12/12/13
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About the Video: NorCalKay wrote: (Subtitled through annotations only): Originally uploaded on 12 Dec 13, which was the UK premier on ITV. (On April 9, 2014 it was aired in the US under the title "Susan Boyle, Her Secret Struggle".) The fascinating documentary goes behind-the-scenes of Susan's first solo tour, which saw her perform across her beloved Scotland in the summer of 2013. Susan had sold over 20 million records worldwide, since she shot to fame after auditioning for the 2009 Britain's Got Talent in 2013.

Despite being a global superstar, the singing-sensation has suffered from anxiety all her life ??? could she overcome those nerves to wow her adoring fans? In 2012 Susan revealed she was diagnosed with Asperger???s Syndrome. Speaking about her diagnosis in the trailer for "There???s Something About Susan", the star said: ???I knew I was different, but I didn???t know what was wrong with me myself.???

This film sees Susan prepare for the sell-out concerts and a huge stadium gig in front of 17,000 fans in America. Referring to the tour, she said: ???It???s something I wanted to do for myself, to prove to myself what I can do.???

(FYI: Intro and Ending are my additions.)
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