Susan Boyle To Quit Britains Got Talent - Exclusive
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Submitted By: Anonymous on May 28, 2009
About the Video: jamie674 wrote: This is the video that shows how Susan Boyle is on the edge of leaving the hit show of Britains Got Talent.
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camisu11 commented on June 02, 2009
Well I have wrote certain certainties and told them that they should face the same scrutiny they gave our Susan and see how they like being hurt over the media. I think the press is out of control and I don't want to see another Princess lose her life over their pranks and harassment.
dove commented on May 30, 2009
dove from philippines,im sure susan will not quit she had strong fighting spirit to show her talent to the world
ammo commented on May 29, 2009
Oh My Gosh! The very fact that the press are focussing on Susan - positively or negatively - isn't that a GOOD thing? I haven't read much online...but is ANY OTHER ARTIST getting this nasty treatment from the stupid journalists? I bet NOT. We know she must be feeling the pressure...but as Piers said...they did CREATE the situation for Susan (we helped of course because she has such a great voice) now they HAVE to watch out for her. THEY the BGT show....wouldn&­#39;t get very good press if they left her out there alone to face the stresses of, what will inevitably be, a wonderful career if she chooses to go all the way.
Teesiel commented on May 29, 2009
OMG--Piers you are middle aged, too! Stop saying that. Susan has a beautiful voice!!
SuBoUnited commented on May 29, 2009
If anyone reading this knows Susan, maybe suggest to her that the first thing she does before singing on Saturday is to SMILE at the audience. We all love that smile. It will surely instil feelings of love in the live audience and TV viewers that will reach her and help her to soar. Just a thought.
Elza zazamir commented on May 29, 2009
Our world is sad today, because good people permits bad people force their points of veew. Susan have that increible voice and two sweet and beautiful eyes. The talent is a gift. A gift for God to her. Tomorrow Susan will be the greatest talent. Britain has many , but Susan is the best!
Janet in Texas commented on May 29, 2009
In great defense of Susan, here's the deal. If you have been taunted, teased, bullied all your life beginning in early childhood as she has, you develop coping mechanisms. These are hardwired into your brain and stay there. I'm sure that as a child she fought back against this horrid treatment. Evidently British journalists are WORMS, they are evil and think only of themselves and getting or in this case making a story. Shame on them....they are just like the bullies she grew up with and when faced with a situation identical to those she has delt with all her life, those coping mechanisms took over. ANYONE with a background such as hers would probably do the same thing in a very stressful situation. I hope and pray she will be OK. She needs to not read papers or watch TV and concentrate on her song and believe in her great talent. In the clip before the semis she said all her life she has been trying to prove is the time for that mechanism to get into gear.. She will prevail...I am sure........
YourAwesome commented on May 29, 2009
WELL SAID RIP!!! :) We re-energize each other!! For me the spirit of joy that comes from the love of lifting us high! SUSAN FEEL THE JOY!!!
Rip commented on May 29, 2009
If I was Susan Boyle and I was aware of all the empathy and understanding that is being sent out by her loyal fans from around the globe,I would cry me a river of joy and happiness. All the positive input from her supporters is transformative energy. It can be used creatively and directed as a wave that lifts Susan's spirit back up to where her music takes us. We are not helpless bystanders. We are a dynamic force to be reckoned with.
BoyleFan commented on May 29, 2009
I've concluded that Susan is both very sweet and quite combative -- with poor impulse control. Whether or not she wins on Saturday, she'll have a profitable and satisfying career in music if she'll only clean up her act: no more expletives, no more hip wiggles, and no more rushing up to give wet kisses to the likes of Piers Morgan! Piers appears to be a shill for Simon and a false friend to Susan. (After all, he wound her up by saying that she was bested in the BGT semi-finals by a child singer.) At one time, Susan was a sure bet to win. No suspense there! As far as Simon was concerned, that wouldn't do -- so now we have this manufactured crisis with Piers as Susan's "Job's comforter" and possible abettor of the Tabloid Press to which he used to belong. Yes, it's compelling theater; but it's also cruelly hard on a talented woman-child from the hinterland. After all, Susan was a worthwhile person before the world noticed her and will remain so if the world ever turns its back on her. The sad thing is that Susan seems to have low self-esteem which leaves her open to being hurt, again and again, because she believes that her worth is a gift that can be bestowed or withdrawn by others instead of something which she has already demonstrated by sacrificing the possibility of an early career in music to care for her aging parents.
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