Susan Boyle Tribute
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Submitted By: Anonymous on September 07, 2009
About the Video: GU17ARGOD wrote: Susan Boyle Tribute SUASN BOYLE I HOPE YOU WIN BRITAINS GOT TALENT 2009 BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST! do offer's and get points witch you can spend on Amazon and it's all free join now
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a fan from thailand commented on September 08, 2009
I think this song is quite difficult to sing as EP has also said. I have listened many singers sung this song on you tube. I do not like to judge which one is the best because each singer has their own style, but I love to hear SB sung most.
Sugar Puddin commented on September 07, 2009
The artist sounds like Ruthie Hensel
Selimron commented on September 07, 2009
A Lovely Tribute to Lady Susan.
someone who cares commented on September 07, 2009
I love the note to Susan you put near the end of the video.