Susan Boyle VS Elaine Paige (MIX).
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Submitted By: Sasha on April 30, 2009
About the Video: AkkaUdko wrote: A mixed comparison of the vocal performances of Susan Boyle and Elaine Paige.
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Sasha commented on May 02, 2009
I am very sorry. Could anybody send me a full text of these dialogues in "Susan'­;s Audition - 'I Dreamed a Dream'"­;? I can not understand some words exactly but I want to know it in detail because it's the greatest event in the modern music history ever happened. Thank you in advance. You are welcome: runidalo@yandex­.com.
USN Military Wife commented on May 01, 2009
although i may be quite young, i have been to many places and heard many voices, but nothing in comparison to susan boyle. she has such an amazing and unexpected talent. it just goes to show that with or without judgement anything pure will flourish. she is AMAZING!
husker2 commented on April 30, 2009
Too confusing, but nice try.
Allikat commented on April 30, 2009
Really interesting mix! It's not a matter of 'either/or&­#39; for me--I greatly admire both Elaine and Susan. It's still Susan's vocals on this particular song I listen to every day, though--and those 'goosebumps­' keep right on a-coming.
Sasha commented on April 30, 2009
Thank you MargoN for your excellent comment. It's the same I think. Elaine Paige is the great singer with a unique voice. Susan is an extraordinary singer with a strong and emotional voice. And I wish both women to be happy and sing the new songs.
MargoN commented on April 30, 2009
I have loved Elaine Paige since I first heard her in CATS. She has a unique voice and heart gripping interpretations­. In this song however, I prefer Susan Boyle's raw extroverted, singing to anyone-who-will-listen appeal to Elaine's introverted melancholy version, which is similar to most who have recorded this song. I am not saying Susan's voice or technique is better than Elaine's... It is her non-traditional, emotional outpouring that has touched me. She also has a lot of texture in her voice.
cntrybillsfan commented on April 30, 2009
I love Susan voice and would play her Cd all day long as I clean. I pray she Wins BGT. USA