Susan Boyle answers fans' questions: Question 17 - 10/26/09
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Submitted By: elmhill5337 on December 04, 2009
About the Video: susanboylemusicuk wrote: A fan asked Susan what it was like to perform on the Britain's Got Talent tour, and this is her answer!
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lindi lou commented on December 07, 2009
susan boyle, when i saw you on britains got talent i just cried because of your most beautiful voice and your presence and i just was overwhelmed at your courage at this age.
katladyd commented on December 07, 2009
Of course you can get some more! We fans would love more Susan performing in any venue. You are a very special, talented lady who is loved by millions of people. Yeah, not bad, huh?
Jeana commented on December 06, 2009
Thanks, Susan-We love to hear from you!
Salu commented on December 05, 2009
Here we are, Down Under, playing the life out of beautiful Susan's inspirational CD, just waiting to hear that maybe we could see her in Australia soon.
petergardiner commented on December 05, 2009
Boyle uses the change of key brilliantly. This aspect should be pursued in her songs. Susan Boyle songs have to be written and I have worthwhile notions in this area.
Denise c commented on December 05, 2009
Susan is so ...wonderful! I just love her fun, loving, cute personaility! I'm her age and can only imagine how life has been for her. I wish her the best. I am soooo very very Thankful for her beautiful voice and presense. She has truly touched me. I'm inspired, I find peace and joy in listening to her. Thank you Susan...thank you Jesus for you! Life is good :-)
sis23 commented on December 05, 2009
Susan is so cute, I just love her!
saranly commented on December 05, 2009
saranly commented on December 05, 2009
Susan, I love you for the inspiration you bring to us- to never give up, keep on believing and keep on trying. What's unbelievable is that no one discovered you sooner. Your voice deserves to be heard. Thank God for Susan. You are a breath of fresh air in a stale world. ThAnk you for being here. I'm a true fAn forever.
tumbleweed commented on December 05, 2009
Susan reached out to her audience as she toured in the UK. Wonderful, but very difficult with such noisy audiences. Thank you Susan. Score 10.
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