Susan Boyle answers fans' questions: Question 21 - 10/26/09
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Submitted By: Anonymous on December 16, 2009
About the Video: susanboylemusicuk wrote: Susan answers this question from fan "MW79" and reveals what it was like for her to sing in front of the large audience at the now legendary Britain's Got Talent audition..
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BarbaraWD commented on January 12, 2010
BarbaraWD - I am 72 and mother of 3 sons and 11 grandchildren. Susan's voice brings tears to my eyes....wish I could meet her one day. I just would give her a hug and say "thank you".
BarbaraWD commented on January 12, 2010
BarbaraWD commented on January 12, 2010
The most beautiful and inspiring voice I have ever heard. She is most blessed! Wish I could meet her one day....
njh1946 commented on December 20, 2009
Susan is a dream come true. I love her voice
Proud Grandmom54 commented on December 18, 2009
i was not a fan of pop music until i heard Susan Boyle sing. Ohmigosh, it brought tears to my eyes.My dream is to get to meet her someday. She has one of The most beautiful voices i have ever heard in my life. i am 54 and mother of 2, have 5 grandchildren. i have heard many singers in my lifetime. Her lovely voice just takes my breath away. i get choked up everytime i hear her and i just love that little dance she did up on stage for the judges on her first audition. i am happy for Simon Cowell's sake that he appreciated her singing and said she was "a little tiger". because before hearing her sing, he and Piers Morgan were judgeging her to be "horrible&­quot; because of her eyebrows, her age, the way she did her little dance. Simon said he was expecting maybe 5 seconds and she would flop. That is what people get for being so,as Amanda put it, "cynical&q­uot;. Amanda is 100% correct in saying, "it is a complete privilege" to be hearing Susan sing.
ellens commented on December 18, 2009
Susan rates a 10+!
ellens commented on December 18, 2009
Susan Boyle is like a gift opened for us to see! Her humility and realness is cherishable and I have never really been blessed this way before. To see the faces of those who did not know her talent when she first stepped onto the stage, and then, their response, is a wake up call to all of us NEVER to judge a 'book' by what we see on the cover. There are gifts like Susan all around us. Let this be a lesson of how we should care for the feelings and value of those people around us whom we have previously ignored because of our arrogance. Be at watch for more 'diamonds&#­39; we have not yet discovered.
jtl commented on December 18, 2009
I love her humility. She is most forgiving. I am so so happy for her, I believe she deserves the very best. She is a blessing to me, and has given me so much joy to see her succeed. Since the day i heard her the first time my life was never to be the same. Thank you Susan. commented on December 17, 2009
I am a fan of music of any source and of any genre. I cannnot explain how much I love the CD. I honestly believe it is one of the best I have ever listened to. She has the most amazing voice and she has some of my most favorite songs ever on the CD. Susan is an inspiration to me. She has an amazing story and just proves that we can all achieve our dreams, we just need to be willing go for it. Whatever the reasons may be that push us. I can't wait for the next CD and hope I get to see her perform live at some point. She has changed me.
roseate commented on December 17, 2009
camisu: I always watch these videos several times because she is so lovely. In this clip for instance I love the way she laughs when she talks about her "routine&q­uot; on BGT having been "unusual to say the least". Listening carefully I usually understand two third of her answers; it seems to me, however, that towards the end she often speaks faster and that is when it gets difficult for me. Thank you for translating!
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