Susan Boyle at Bournemouth Pavilion - 4/15/14
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Submitted By: danata on April 16, 2014
About the Video: Security was very tight regarding filming, & a couple of times I had a torch shone on me, indicating to STOP FILMING!! So when the screen goes dark on the video, it was when I moved the camera away, as if I had stopped recording when really I kept it running! Itâ??s a very small & cheap camera, so the quality isnâ??t great, but itâ??s worth sticking with to see & hear the audience reaction at the end!!!!!

Susan was EXCEPTIONAL last night, very at ease, BOURNEMOUTH LOVED HER!!!!!

Iâ??ll try & find time to do a more full review later.
I do wish that a Proper DVD was made available to fans of the live performances. I felt very uncomfortable whilst filming, but I know how much it means to people all over the world who are willing Susan on, & they LOVE to know how she went down, at every single show, I've been one of those people (Up all night sometimes, searching the web, for some "Latest Footage" or "News" when Susan has been appearing somewhere............... I always appreciated it, when I found something, & knew she had done well............ ENJOY!!
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