Susan Boyle body popping longer version
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Kerstin, Sweden
Submitted By: Kerstin, Sweden on September 26, 2009
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swimmiekimmie commented on October 15, 2009
how cute and engaging. susan sure knows a lot about music, artists, and she sure lets us have fun with her !!!! Thank you for this posting; score 10
tootsiekoala commented on October 07, 2009
Susan is so funny. I bet she would be loads of fun at a party. Just think, folks, next month Susan's album will be released. I have already pre-ordered it. Have a good day y'all.
Jinxy commented on October 06, 2009
Love it!! Susan ROCKS!!!!
pretty@55 commented on October 05, 2009
Susan is so adorable.I love this video so very much.
SWEET TEA commented on October 02, 2009
SUSAN BOYLE has invented the art of "body Poppin". Who would have thought of using a string of beads like a hula hoop around your neck? She's full of life, and loves to have fun. It sure doesn't take much to entertain her... she creates her own entertainment. haha. Way to go Susan !!
susieairplane commented on October 02, 2009
What a hoot she is. I just love this side of Susan.
pretty@55 commented on October 01, 2009
Susan not only has an incredible voice, but she is also proving herself to be quite the little "Entertain­er." I love watching this video over and over again."Hil­arious!" Susan is such a joy to watch.
manfromfinland commented on September 30, 2009
this is just so funny - hahhaa. Susan is truely a little cheery dynamite for the dark world :) I love her...
ammo commented on September 30, 2009
Thanks, it is great to 'hear' her on this clip. She is 'as cute as a button.' 'Bless her little cotton socks'.
lovinsusan commented on September 29, 2009
cute as can be!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Kerstin 10
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