Susan Boyle debut album hits shops
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Submitted By: Anonymous on November 23, 2009
About the Video: DeadlinenewsTV wrote: By Cara Sulieman SUSAN Boyle has dedicated her record-breaking debut album to her mum saying she promised her she would do something with her life. I Dreamed a Dream hit the shops yesterday, but had already broken the sales record for pre-orders on website Amazon. With bookies refusing to take bets on the CD reaching the top spot in the album charts this week, the debut was a success before it even hit the shelves.
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Linda Sharon commented on November 23, 2009
We I came up with a trumpted up excuse to leave work and then I had a legitimate one - went to Wal-Mart and at 11:15 they were just putting them out under new releases and I bought two. Wished I could have driven around in the car longer to listen but was thrilled with what I did hear. (And I knew I would be.)