Susan Boyle in Madrid
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Anja edens
Submitted By: Anja edens on February 22, 2010
About the Video: I Dreamed a Dream on the Ana Rosa show, Madrid on Feb 12, 2010
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Addict commented on March 23, 2010
Your voice really moves me - in every way but dump the dress Susan
Kay commented on March 08, 2010
Susan is so wonderful .. she sings like a bird .. 10+++++
EvaSunshine commented on March 06, 2010
Score: 10
bluewren commented on March 05, 2010
Shirley of Mid England commented on March 03, 2010
Susan looks younger and prettier each time we see her. This is a lovely video. Thanks.
sunny skies commented on March 01, 2010
Susan is as usual so charming & awesome!
GJL commented on February 26, 2010
IMO Susan just sings whatever they ask her to sing and does not argue with them about letting her do something else to prove how very versatile she is. Probably when she returns to all these venues (which it seems she will) she can break out and let them hear even more wonderous things from her! In the meantime, she shines so bright, gives her all - and we are lucky enough to get to see every one of her performances due to this wonderful website!
malski54 commented on February 25, 2010
This woman Ms. Susan Boyle, is so inspirational, I watch her performance over and over. God Speed Ms. Boyle you are beautiful. Thank You
sunami1 commented on February 25, 2010
I would love for her to sing other of her beautiful songs in the album I would love it as much!,Susan we adore you,keep up your amazing perfomances!
GOODGIRL commented on February 24, 2010
Very well done....I agree, please let her sing another song....she needs new material, she can sing anything, and we all know it.......Time to move on and up, don't you think?
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