Susan Boyle interview Dutch TV
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Submitted By: Amazone on June 09, 2009
About the Video: NCRV 14 april 2009

Een leuk intervieuw met Susan.
Het is een tv opname met een wat mindere kwaliteit want ik moest het conferteren naar avi, maar ach tis leuk te zien.
Veel kijkplezier voor wie het gemist heeft.

This is an interview with Susan from the Dutch TV.
The quality is a bit of because its a recording from TV and it was a bit hard to convert in to avi. but who cares its very nice.
I translate it later for the members who can't speak Dutch and for my Brazilian friends so they can translate it.
enjoy watching.

Translation Dutch/English (if you can't copy i can send you by mail. just let me know)

0.00-0.07 (English)
Rep: How are you doing?
Susan: thanks, watch it she's coming in.
Rep: But there you are.
Susan: Got it eventually yeah there you are.

0.08-0.57 (video from the audition) (English)
Simon: pffft..Oaky what's the dream?
Susan: I'm trying to be a professional singer.
Simon: And why doesn't it has worked out so far Susan?
Susan: I have never been giving the change before here's hoping it all will change.
Simon: What are you going to sing tonight?
Susan: I'm going to sing I dreamed a dream from Les Misrables.
Simon: Okay....Big song!
ant/dec: yeh?...yeh! (Susan starts singing)
ant/dec: You didn't expect that! did you? Did you? NO!

0.57-1.40 (translated from Dutch)
Rep: There she is...Susan Boyle..47 years and for the first time on a big stage on television.
AND! She is singing the stars from heaven.
Who is this woman? And where is she coming from?
And why did it take her so long to be in a contest?
We want to ask her about that and that's why we go to Scotland.
To Edinboro that's where she lives nearby.
That we are in Scotland is clear....fog and cheeps.
But now we go to Blackburn..and that's here...about 30 kilometers from Edinboro.
(Rep goose in car)
Her, in these surroundings, the single schottische woman is living her whole live with her parents in the same house.

1.41-1.50 Susan talking on the audition. (English)
Ad the moment I live alone with my cat called Pebbles.
I never been married.
Never been kissed!!
But its not an advert!

1.51-2.43 (translated from Dutch and English)
Rep: Blackburn is a very small town. A few streets, a few shop a church and a pub.
Everybody here knows Susan.
Have you hear her sing?
Man: O yes for years and years yeah.
Rep: And how do you think she is?
Man: She is fantastic....she always was.. ever from being a young girl she would sing. so its not a surprise actually.
Barb: She is singing in the pub now and then doing karaoke hey. I heard her for the first time on Saturday night.
I couldn't believe how good she was! Coos she is brilliant!
Cust: She got a voice that's been hidden for years. She never had been giving a chance before.
And I am hoping....well I am sure the whole village is hoping..that all will come right for her know.
But do you mind now if I got my haircut finished?

2.44-3.05 (translated from Dutch)
Rep: The show is the same evening on Internet. Immediately it was a big hit.
At this moment more then 20 million people has watched it.
Press were coming from all over the world. Al so from America.
CNN, CBS, ABC they are all in front of her door.

3.06-3.48 (English)
Man: Do you have any preference where you want that ear?.Is one ear better then the other one?
Rep: You look lovely this morning Susan. Good Morning.
Susan: Good morning
Rep: We just checked. Its now more then 11 million Hits on youtube. How is that for unbelievable!
Susan: Breathtaking! Unbelievable! awesome!. Whatever word you want to say!
Ant/dec: Wow! look at that!
(Susan singing)

3.49-5.28 (translation from Dutch and English)
Rep: And then its our turn. We are allowed to speak with the new star.
5 days has passed sins your performance. How do you feel?
Susan: I feel good about myself. I've been telling you its like a madhouse.
Its a bit difficult to take in but I feel fantastic.....absolutely fantastic!
Rep: Did you think this could ever happen?
Susan: No I did not in this scale...certainly not in this scale!
Lots of well wishes, lots of interviews, lots of phone calls. Its been really mad!
But its been good do...I love every second of it.
Rep: Now she is getting fan mail, but when she was young there was a lot of bullying because ad birth
she had a minor brain damage. She cant learn very well and not work very well, but she CAN sing.
Her mother is stimulating her and is telling her she have to become a professional.
But Susan didn't dear. Until, two years ago her mother died.
Susan: It was a promise and a tribute to my mother. She was a wonderful lady.
Rep: And why did you want to do it?
Susan: Because I felled I had to do it for her. She was such a wonderful person.
Rep: Do you miss her?
Susan: I do. But can we move on its getting personal.
Rep: The neighbor is telling that sometimes she can hear Susan cry in the evening.
Susan is missing her mother who had always protected her. Now she has to stand on her own two feet.
Lady: yeh..the last couple of years...sins she lost her mom its been very hard for her.
But where's all hoping now she is getting all good.
Susan: I think she would be very proud of me now. And I think she would be 100% behind me. Like everyone ells is.

5.29-6.51 (video from audition translated from Dutch and English)
Pierce: Without a doubt this was the biggest surprise I have had in tree years of this show.
Rep. And how does it make you feel when people are judging persons and you by your appearance?
Susan: You never judge a book by the cover. Because afterwards they found out I can sing.
I think I managed to win them around. Its the whole name of the game.
If the audience is skeptic towards you, you try and win then around. I think I achieved there in.
Simon: Susan Boyle....You can go back to the villiage....with your head held high...its tree yesses!
Susan: Dreams for the future? Is to go on and do the best I can in the competition.
And perhaps sing for the Queen. Whom I think is a very regal and beautiful Lady.
And it would be an honor to sing for her.
Rep: But first she will sing for us!
Susan: Hello...this is for Holland!

The end
Wasn't that lovely?????

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hotpotpie commented on July 13, 2009
I'm just wild about Susan Boyle and have been following her daily since I first saw a clip of her on American TV. I think she is the most genuinely fine personality and the most amazing vocalist with whom I am currently familiar. I hope that she never changes her appearance or her attitude to match that of most popular stars. It was THE REAL, LEGITIMATE SUSAN BOYLE WITH WHOM THE WORLD FELL IN LOVE, and I pray that she will always remain faithful to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that she is a devout Christian, and may she grow closes to Jesus day-by-day. I just can't get enough of seeing and hearing Susan sing as well as speak. She has had a difficult life having been born oxygen-deprived and having been teased and taunted because of her slow-learning disability in school. But God gave her a talent and a determination, and she has never given up in her attempt to develop her marvelous vocal talent and take the "big plunge" onto the world state in BGT. I admire Susan and wish her the very best. I keep her in my prayers.
Anja edens commented on July 01, 2009
sorry about that meant to put on a 10.
cartoonist52 commented on June 11, 2009
Susan is a courageous woman A blessing from above, She looks like an Angel And is filled with God’s love. She has the talent and the gift To make her dreams come true, And the voice of a Angel She wants to share with you. Susan is quite young and single God has made her that way, She lives alone with her cat, Pebbles And treasures her everyday. So when you hear Susan sing With her voice reaching the skies, Just say a little prayer for her Till tears fill your eyes.
Beppenel commented on June 11, 2009
Hallo Reinder,wat ben ik blij dat je toch weer terug bent gekomen.Opspori­ng verzocht was al bijna ingeschakeld om jou weer terug te vinden haha.Welkom terug Reinder xxx Groetjes.......­......
Elmie commented on June 10, 2009
Thanks, Amazone! It's so heart-warming to know that Susan's getting some fantastic recognition from the beautiful country The Netherlands.
Amazone commented on June 10, 2009
Hoi geramsterdam. Ja dit is een heel respectvol intervieuw. beter als dat commentaar bij het stukje van RTL. Uit Brazilie zijn ze ook blij met de vertaling. gelukkig ken ik net genoeg woordjes om de mail in het protugees te begrijpen maar het leukste vind ik ervan dat Susan alle nationaliteiten bij elkaar brengt. Groetjes ook aan iedereen uit nederland.
Amazone commented on June 10, 2009
Hey Reinder Ze waren je hier al kwijt...Je werdt gemist joh!. Leuk intervieuw he?...Ik had het ook gemist. Er is er nog een van rtl maar dat commentaar is zo walgelijk das niet leuk....wel de reactie aan het einde van Albert van de Linden die is heel leuk. Ken je die al?
281165 commented on June 10, 2009
Great Amazone! I missed that one. Dank je wel!
Beppenel commented on June 10, 2009
Groetjes terug geramsterdam XXX Love Susan Boyle........
Been Touched by an Angel commented on June 10, 2009
Wonderful video! It's great to see how Susan is being interviewed from people all around the world. The footage of her town -- the sheep, the fog, the people -- it was just fantastic for this American to see! I have a much better idea of what Blackburn must be like. And, I loved seeing more of Susan in her own home and the set-ups of the television interviews. Thank you very much for the video and the translation. I so enjoyed it!
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