Greg Maxwell speaks to to Allan Stewart Radio - 1/17/10
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Submitted By: Anonymous on January 19, 2010
About the Video: Edinburgh's King's Theatre. Susan on stage alongside panto-dame Allan Stewart.
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laverne commented on January 21, 2010
Loved this. Susan is so great not to take offence at something like this. She is such a wonderful person.
Gozzy commented on January 20, 2010
What fun for Susan! She could enjoy being in the moment rather than being the total focus.
dingbatshine commented on January 20, 2010
Susan Boyle wiggle's and said, "That'­s just one side of me!" :)
Doct commented on January 20, 2010
I can't wait for her concert, if possible. She'd do many things funny that no singers ever did. It would be great,don't you think?
paris commented on January 20, 2010
Yes Susan has a great sense of humour - I could just see her -in a really top musical comedy. If one came along with a good strong roll for Susan I think she would be brilliant - so refreshing to have someone who has so much fun - The Daily Tabloid Trash papers in UK should stop Susan bashing as for the airport "Drama??&q­uot; sounds like fun I would have sung too and did exactly what susan did - obviously someone grumpy person, meaning the passenger who complained, should loosen up in their life - Go Susan Go! - let's have more Susan and more laughter in the world..
sun2sun commented on January 20, 2010
sun2sun commented on January 20, 2010
This is so funny. Susan is so talented comically that with time there will be a demand for that also. I loved seeing her play with the fans in NY. and can hardly wait for she and Donnie to sing together. Hope that will be soon.
bunnyohare1 commented on January 19, 2010
My feet are hurting just looking at him standing in those heels! How wonderful that he was awestruck by her. Love that great sense of humor of hers. She is a good sport.
Amber Duke commented on January 19, 2010
What a wonderful post! This is what the press should pick up - Susan's great sense of fun - instead of the stupid stuff they make up. One more reason to love her! Wish we could see a video of it.
Helen of Asia commented on January 19, 2010
This is great! Any video?
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