Susan Boyle with Graham Norton - 11/17/12
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Submitted By: Anonymous on November 24, 2012
About the Video: Susan interviewed by graham Norton on his Radio 2 show
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mamarosa1940 commented on January 26, 2013
Susan you are a real GEM!!! I love your music and your duets with Donny. I hope you two do more together. Never change from the person you are!!! I would love for you to record "How great thou are" and Climb every mountain: and "THe PRayer" with maybe Josh Groban or Andre Bucelli or Donny. You and Donny just seem to fit together. I think al 3 <Marie,Donny­, and you) are all wonrderful I love to hear you sing especial;ly with Donny. He is soooo handsome and a great Gentleman. He shines when he sings with you. You are both good for each other.