Susan Boyle you rock!
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Submitted By: Anonymous on November 30, 2009
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Nana and Lauren commented on December 05, 2009
Susan, i am 5 years old. i love the song wild horses and your singing. lauren
lore commented on December 03, 2009
Congratulations susa nBoyle Love HEr, Her album!!! I hope she does a comedy Also Vote vote vote susa nboyle online People's Choice Awards
Jenny45 commented on December 03, 2009
The music from Susan's CD "I Dreamed a Dream" is on my ipod; the more I listen to Susan's voice and music the higher I can dream! I wish we could have Susan Boyle as World spokesperson for people who are forced to live in Long Term Care. Together we could help so many others to realize a dream before their life is over. Thank you Susan Boyle for the inspiration and uplift you have given to us all!
peladac commented on December 02, 2009
Your voice and words resonate throughout the globe. You have made an impact on so many that have dreams and you have proven that we can make our dreams come true. You are an inspiration and I just cannot wait to get your CD. I wonderful Christmas present!! Keep up the good work and be strong. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with the world.
Selimron commented on December 02, 2009
Susan does Rock but with her wit, humor etc. she just like the Girl next door.
maria123 commented on December 02, 2009
Geweldig als je z'n mooie stem mag en kan laten horen aan de wereld. Ik wens je heel veel zang plezier en geluk toe Susan. En dat wij de mensen van de wereld nog maar heel veel van jouw mooie stem mogen genieten. En natuurlijk hoop ik dat jij het meest van dit alles geniet want dat is de kroon op het geheel voor jou.
dottyann commented on December 01, 2009
score 10. Susan you have reached your goal of being a singing sensation, so relax and enjoy all that comes with it
plonky commented on December 01, 2009
plonky commented on December 01, 2009
You are a fantastic singer who heals others with her voice
deepsky2 commented on December 01, 2009
congratulations Susan you have touched me and millions others with your purity and your gifted voice. Your like a white dove flying free in the sky, the hole world is yours and you are the worlds angel that many of us wish we were. You have flooded us with tears and for many the hope to dream again......
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