Susan Boyle Harper's Bazaar photo shoot video
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Submitted By: DocRobbie on August 10, 2009
About the Video: harpersbazaar wrote: Behind the scenes at Susan Boyle's Harper's Bazaar photo shoot.

DocRobbie wrote: High quality, HD format version of the video available on the Harper's Bazaar website. Differently edited versions of this video was used by the Today Show, Access Hollywood, and Celeb TV, all on August 5.

Uploaded to YouTube on August 5, 2009. YouTube URL:

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Beverlyc commented on August 12, 2009
Susan has such a sweet, sweet smile :) Score: 10++ Thanks for posting this HD version.
violadk commented on August 10, 2009
Love it, you go Susan, enjoy everything!
marikasister commented on August 10, 2009
Thank you DocRobbie! To see SUSAN so happy makes me very happy!
lizzie commented on August 10, 2009
that was wrong score 10 00000000
LucyB commented on August 10, 2009
Even better in HD---THANX for posting Doc Robbie
ljt commented on August 10, 2009
The label on the water bottle - "Highland&­quot; - now who says she's turned her back on Scotland!
sis23 commented on August 10, 2009
It looks like Lady Susan is having a great time! Thanks for the posting.