ITN - Susan Boyle's camp deny breakdown rumours
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Submitted By: Anonymous on November 26, 2009
About the Video: itn wrote: Stories printed in the press that Susan Boyle had broken down under the pressure of her visit to the USA have been strongly denied by her team.
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ChrisinPA commented on November 28, 2009
I was there and Susan was reacting to receiving her quilt mad by her fans and became tearful like anyone would. She also did some joking and was very happy. Something has got to be done about these idiots.
Dolson commented on November 28, 2009
These vicious attack on Susan has to stop. If legal action is not taken against these monsters, it will continue and cause turmoil and angst for Susan daily. They will stop at nothing, so lets hoping hurtin them in the pocketbook will stop these nasty animals.
ishkamarie commented on November 27, 2009
Hi everyone. I have been so worried I could not sleep.I am so glad to hear that is was only rummors.
BookLady38 commented on November 26, 2009
So glad they are taking legal action! Those of us who were in New York know how deeply touched Susan was by the presentation of the quilt! Will some people in the press ever get it right???
aunty R commented on November 26, 2009
It's the fans who were there who can best tell you how much she enjoyed the whole process of the day. I would be in tears too if I were singing to a crowd of people who showed so much love for her as she sang. I was touched by the pictures of the fans showing their affection, they showed respect for Susan's personal space, but showed that love, Susan must have been filled with the warmth of it, I was.
Selimron commented on November 26, 2009
I can't believe what I'm hearing. Why don't the stupid media get their facts straight? Do they really think we believe their rubbish.
pretty@55 commented on November 26, 2009
We won't let the media do what they did to Michael Jackson. They are a pack of losers (they ones who lie on Susan).
Helen of Asia commented on November 26, 2009
Just listen to Susan's "Wings to Fly" and we can forget all the evil doers. Luv ya, Susan! :-)
whiskers commented on November 26, 2009
I wish all these reporters would get a life and stop their crap. Enough is enough. Score 10
DonAvery commented on November 26, 2009
Susan is all heart and soul; as we hear in her music and see in her natural, spontaneous outpourings of deep emotion. We feel with her and for her and the relationship is mutual. It puzzles us that anyone can be unfeeling or habitually unkind.
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