Susan Boyle's time
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Submitted By: bluewren on August 06, 2009
About the Video: This is Susan Boyle's time to shine.
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bluewren commented on August 08, 2009
Thank you all especially all those of you who gave positive input and especially chuffed when you do Tommy USA.:-) Saw on my stats on youtube Susan's great swell of fans are defintely from America.But not quite all of them.Here's hoping they will all be out there buying her Albums.
Tito commented on August 07, 2009
Your a very talented person. Dont pay attention to negative people. Youll have a great future ahead of you. Best wishes. -Steve Alvarez
Selimron commented on August 07, 2009
I am speachless every time I look at or hear our LADY SUSAN.
camisu11 commented on August 07, 2009
Bluewren, this is so happy and heart warming. Thank you for inserting Susan's comment that she hasn't gone away. My computer was down, I could not get on any chats and when I saw the beautiful pictures I started to cry because I am a bit emotional. But it is so unbelievable and fantastic!!!!!!­! Nice happy video, love you Bluewren (I will try to answer your email soon, Mirth has been on the phone all day trying to help me pull my computer out of the darkness. Thanks to Mirth, I am back on board. What wonderful Susa friends, I am so blessed and I LOVE YOU SUSAN BOYLE!!!!!!!!
DonAvery commented on August 07, 2009
Sheer delight! Wiggle while watching!
jaja commented on August 07, 2009
Score: 10
Patricia's Art commented on August 07, 2009
Ole' muy bueno
songbirdwatcher commented on August 07, 2009
lizzie commented on August 07, 2009
PhyllisIA commented on August 07, 2009
Oh, how fun. Really uplifting peppy music. Great arrangement of pictures. Much more than 10. Thanks,