BGT Tour, Cardiff Arena, 'Memory' - 7/4/09
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Submitted By: hajolli on July 04, 2009
About the Video: The fabulous Susan - couldnt get full songs though as staff kept preventing this!!

Partial "Memory"
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Godscre commented on July 17, 2009
@ishkamarie (Betty) I hope you get to meet her soon either in the USA or in Scotland. My best wishes to you. Jan
uplord commented on July 17, 2009
Great News for Susan Boyle fans! NBC' Meredith Vieira has interviewed Susan Boyle. The interview will air on the Today show July 22 with an extended interview on America's Got Talent Wednesday evening 9-10 PM on NBC, June 22. Photos from the interview will be released June 20th.
ishkamarie commented on July 07, 2009
Hi everyone and anyone, does anyone know when BGT tour begins in America. These things have to be arranged far in advance so someone has to know when it starts. Please help.I have to see Susan Boyle in person. Thanks Ishkamarie @
ishkamarie commented on July 06, 2009
Hi Trish, I have not found any publications yet, but If I do I would be happy to forward them to you. I am curious where are you located. Starting tomorrow I will begin my search. I will keep in touch. Ishkamarie (Betty Carroll)
BJG commented on July 05, 2009
Copies of Publications: You can find a lot of these at the public library too. The marketing people might also be able to help search for them..if they are doing a documentary, you will get a wider scope and range.
BJG commented on July 05, 2009
TRISH: Ask Simon if he can bring in some hand held cameras and film -- create a documentary -- of the process of creating the album -- you will have film of Susan, and maybe others -- better than nothing! They can turn that into a coffee table book,and a DVD.
BJG commented on July 05, 2009
The newspapers of almost any relatively large city in the world is available on the Internet. You can go to the Washington Post and email specific articles out. Check with a library if you are not sure how. They will teach you - no cost
roseate commented on July 05, 2009
Linda Sharon, thank you for explaining about the copyright. As has been said by others, I do hope that somebody taped Susan's performances professionally! I would love to have a DVD with all of them, even though she things the same two songs throughout the tour. I am doing it anyway, watching and re-watching the videos on this site. I hope that we shall get to know if someone should sell such a DVD. As to a CD I am quite confident that we shall have one before Christmas. Simon Cowell knows that it will sell well, and he wouldn't miss such an opportunity... Trish, I share your thoughts about a DVD and it always makes me happy to read your comments. I could not express things so nicely (English=foreig­n language for me), Thank you, and thanks to hajolli for taking the risk of taping the videos! They are so much appreciated!
Dee commented on July 05, 2009
Oh Susan the tour is over tonight. Iam always looking forward to watch your performances in the internet., My family and I talk about Susan everyday about her so natural beautiful voice and are so happy the album is coming up soon. Here in New Jersey we adore her and wish her the best. Love you Susan come to america we want to hear you sing.
Trish#1 commented on July 05, 2009
ishkamarie, please let me know if you run into any publications highlighting Susan. trish_pierce@ch­ . I regret that I did not rush to newsstands the week after Susan's initial performance. I treasure hajolli's brief clip of the Cardiff performance, and replay it repeatedly...on FULL SCREEN. mmmmmmm...her beautiful tones still overwhelm me...continuing to flood my eyes with tears. I trust we never loose access to video clips of Susan. As each day passes, I am growing more desperate for a live concert DVD of Susan Boyle. The CD's will be treasured, but a DVD of a live concert would allow us to enjoy her facial expressions and gorgeous tones, while observing her response to the fan adoration. Yes, Simon, thank you for preparing CD's for us, but my heart thrives on that visual input ~Trish (Pat Pierce)
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