BGT Tour, Cardiff Arena, 'I Dreamed a Dream' - 7/4/09
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Submitted By: hajolli on July 04, 2009
About the Video: Matinee Performance
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Lonnirose commented on July 05, 2009
She is in wonderful voice on this video - well, she always is. Perhaps it was because we can hear it so plainly due to the relative quiet of the audience. She sounds very very strong here.
Trish#1 commented on July 05, 2009
AMEN...cicichi! ~Trish (Pat Pierce)
cicichi commented on July 05, 2009
Thank you again hajolli for the vid made for us under threat of the security. You sacrificed some of your attention on Susan to help us experience her performance at Cardiff. Thank you for thinking of all of Susan's fans who could not be there. Truly this was an act of love on your part and I thank you for that. Susan continues to put spellbinding performances and we love her more each time we hear her heavenly voice. Thank you again hajolli. Score:10
groenwold commented on July 05, 2009
Good singing again to short however... always good to hear her voice!