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Submitted By: TommyUSA on August 22, 2009
About the Video: 'Susan Is Singin' In The Rain'

Yes, our Lady Susan is home in Blackburn for a visit

....Enjoying her life to the fullest!!

Don't we just LOVE our girl!

This video was requested by camisu...

Animations created by TommyUSA

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katie bug commented on September 05, 2009
lookingluc commented on September 03, 2009
LADY Susan , is having plesure in live yes, our lady susan can singing the clouds away , so all people can have pleasure in live !!! wonderfull voice !!! XXX luc
Graysea commented on August 28, 2009
Score 10. Tommy what a happy feeling just watching this video. She looks so happy and I am happy watching this. I am like everyone else on here, can't wait to see her and get a DVD/CD. What a wonderful time we fans are having watching the sensational journey of Susan Boyle our super star.
DonAvery commented on August 28, 2009
Tommy, you have sunshine in your heart. Like Susan!
MuzzaMints commented on August 27, 2009
Very enjoyable, really lovely.
someone who cares commented on August 26, 2009
That was fun! I hope everyone saw the movie. Gene Kelly splashing in and out of the puddles just enjoying the moment and appreciating what's at hand. I'd get a kick watching the angels following folks in and out of the puddles. Who knows...
camisu11 commented on August 26, 2009
Tommy I love the rain so much, it sets it apart in a class by itself. Also love the hairbrush in the beginning, and thanks for putting in my very fav pic of Susan with the brief case. She breaks out into the biggest smile in that picture and it looked like it had been raining. Everytime I see the videos you post for Susan, your friends and yourself, it always feels like a gift all wrapped up with pretty ribbons, a gift with a bigger gift inside. Thanks for listening.
Lorias commented on August 25, 2009
Delightful Tommy! http://indianas­usanboylefan.blo­
Trish#1 commented on August 25, 2009
How clever, Tommy! Perfect music and "rain"­; for Susan's bright raincoat. What a cutie she is! Wonder who the fellow­friend? Camisu...thanks for suggesting this song for Tommy. Look what our talented tech guru has done with it! You have to send this one to Susan, Tommy. I can almost hear her throwing back her head with that delightful laughter of hers. This will be one of my all-time favorites. ~Trish
Jeana commented on August 25, 2009
Yes, we love her, Tommy! Love to Susan and Susan fans
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