Susan Receiving the Quilt - 11/23/09
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Submitted By: clm on November 26, 2009
About the Video: Susan receiving the quilt at the Rockefeller Center Cafe.
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Goodsoul commented on December 01, 2009
Continuation for my last remark here a while ago, I'm thinking that,Susan have brought a lot of happiness to many people around the world. If Susan take the trouble to help people in the third world, it will bring many happiness to them as well as setting a role model for other "stars&quo­t; sorry for the term (not sure if they are qualify to be called star) those famous and grossly wealthy people, If Susan could take up this role Susan will be the star of star, however this is a very challenging task, not many people are able to take up this role. God bless Susan.
montrealer commented on November 30, 2009
This is my first time to see this video. I was in tears watching this. Susan was in tears. That's very emotional. She must have remembered her past, her mom. Thank you for sharing this.
Meri commented on November 30, 2009
Absolutely tops! It's just so lovely seeing Susan receiving this kind of love from some of her American fans. I know they speak for all of us.
PurplePassion commented on November 30, 2009
Susan is a very special Lady who appreciates her music and her fans. Receiving the quilt was so heartwarming to watch her reactions to such kindness and her gentleness. Susan your an Angel!!
Phyll commented on November 29, 2009
Thank you very much for sharing this special moment with the rest of us. As songbirdwatcher said, it'd be a great idea to send this to susanboylemusic­.com. That might insure Susan seeing this. It warmed my heart seeing the wonderful photos and Susan getting to interact with her fans.
songbirdwatcher commented on November 29, 2009
songbirdwatcher commented on November 29, 2009
laldron commented on November 29, 2009
Susan is an extraordinary human being. When she sings I can not stop weeping. She exposes her very soul in every song. I pray that she will continue to be a huge success.
Elmie commented on November 29, 2009
P.S. Thank you, CLM, for this most beautiful video! It's great to see lovely Susan's expressions being captured in the pictures and our loving friends who surround her. Lots of love from Western Australia.
Elmie commented on November 29, 2009
I adore this video that speaks of love. Phyllis, you are so blessed to be so close to the most loved Susan on that special day. All your efforts and dedication, together with your fellow lovely Quilters, have paid off just by seeing close-up how much happiness the quilt has brought to Susan. Plus the tears of emotions she shed. She's very special in being moved by such gesture from her fans - There's no trace of her taking it for granted. Thank you, Randma, everyone, in representing us all ....... and from me personally, thank you, Phyllis, for being the one who created the Australian square for Denis & me and Jen. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us. Much love from Western Australia, Elmie
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