Susan, Thank You For Making The World Beautiful Again
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on December 07, 2009
About the Video: Susan,

We love you.....


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jane j commented on February 06, 2010
That says it all Tommy and thank you for making many of my days happy with all your beautiful videos. Many happy days ahead I am sure.
perlie commented on December 23, 2009
Thank you, Tommy. This was truly a beautiful presentation.
jtl commented on December 18, 2009
Tommy, I love it! You always seem to capture the most tender moment, the most gentle look, the most elegant posture, the most beautiful moment. Yes, indeed, she has made the world a little bit more tolerable. She has been surely usued of the Lord to show us all a little bit of hope. I love you too Tommy, you are obviously a mighty man of God. Thank you and have a wonderful celebration of the birth of our Lord
Susan Richards-Clark commented on December 10, 2009
Merry Christmas Susan
PhyllisIA commented on December 10, 2009
Thank you Tommy for a beautiful uplifing video. Score 10.
roseate commented on December 09, 2009
Yes, we do, Tommy! Thank you for the beautiful pictures and music!
terencetorres commented on December 09, 2009
dear susan, all the way from ny, terence here. this is my 1st christmas w/o my mum so i am doing all things we had done since i was a child ( all 3 of my brothers are gone, all died young 9, 25, 27 years old) checking out the rock tree, skating rink, the beautiful windows and walking the stores. there seems to be a special mood in the air. it's you, you are a blessed angel, people are talking how u have lighten up the world, i believe you have with your angelic ways. you are so special and to literally brightening the world and making it a better place. you have brighten a light during this holiday season that so needed to be lit. susan you are adored and deserve all the most wonderful things that heaven can rain on you. know that so many people honesty believe you are responsible for making the world a better place and i thank you. god bless you, and please may you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and a brilliant 2010. i hope day i get to give you a hug....... terence torresxo
lore commented on December 09, 2009
Love susan boyle Her Tv special is on Sunday Please post on youtube also She sings with Elaine Page,Donny and does a little Dance on the TV Special.. Congrats susan boyle
Selimron commented on December 08, 2009
Thank you Tommy for this very Special Video.
aunty R commented on December 08, 2009
You have said it all Tommy U.S.A.,Thank you.
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