Susan Boyle answers fans' questions: Question 18 - 10/26/09
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Submitted By: Anonymous on December 07, 2009
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14felines commented on December 14, 2009
14 Felines. Ms. Boyle I absolutely think you are fantastic. I have purcahsed 3 of your CD's. Everyone I know just loves you. God gave you the voice of an Angel and in my opinion you are an Angel. PLEASE keep singing. Love you and GOD Bless You.
jaja commented on December 09, 2009
Richard James - She be fantastic. You have such voice as Susan? Not? So you not do critic! Sorry, but her voice be fantastic! And Susan be amazing complet. I think you not be fans, but critic.
Richard James commented on December 09, 2009
I have to strongly disagree, listen to Susan's original recording of Cry Me A River, her voice is much better placed, her breath control is better and there is none of the harsh throaty delivery that;s evident on her Album! It seems now that everytime she attempts to sing loud and high, she forces from the throat and singing slightly flat? Even her facial expressions are more strained compared to her videos of ten years ago.
CALVACUS commented on December 09, 2009
she says. Ive had some classical training in the past.But now im working with Eedie Burnet.Shes fantastic and a fellow Scot as well.Thankyou.
Selimron commented on December 08, 2009
I can't understand all the words but I love to hear susan speak. She is such a joy.
jaja commented on December 08, 2009
Sweet tea - I also not understand, but love hear Susan. I am Czech and not speak English. Not problem. We be fans for she and love Susan smile and joy. So be good!
SWEET TEA commented on December 08, 2009
I absolutely LOVE to hear Susan talk even if I can't understand a lot of what she says. I'm from the Missouri bootheel and I can understand Kevin Skinner really well. I love to hear him sing too, though he's a lot different from Susan. And it doesn't matter if I can understand some of Susan's words, her music still moves me. Paul Potts' opera singing moves me too. Susan touches everyone, from New York, California, upper globe to the lower globe and all points between, ya gotta love her. You go girl !!
Jeana commented on December 08, 2009
You had a good teacher!
Dolson commented on December 08, 2009
I love to hear her speak, such texture in her voice, even if I can't understand her. Love Susan Boyle forever.
roseate commented on December 08, 2009
Thanks, Beverlyc, I can understand it now.
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