BGT Tour, Edinburgh, Susan and Julian Smith - 6/16/09
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Submitted By: Teesiel on June 17, 2009
About the Video: Super Close up of Final Bow
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Misti in Seattle commented on July 12, 2009
Super! I had been wishing for a good view of this!
songbirdfan commented on June 28, 2009
Teesiel, thank you much for all the videos and pictures you've shared!
Sandra-R commented on June 24, 2009
Another 10! I think Julian is telling Susan that she looks beautiful and she replied thank you.
LUC commented on June 22, 2009
isn't she beautiful on this film , you can see her smiling and now you can she also how she love the audience but also the people who were with her on the show !!! thanks for the great video !!! luc
BMS commented on June 19, 2009
Kelly: I feel exactly the same way. I cannot get her voice out of my mind. When I am not watching the clips I am humming Memory or I Dreamed a Dream - in the car, in a store, wherever. I googled for the lyrics and say the words as I listen to Susan's voice, and watch the beautiful person that she is.
Kelly commented on June 19, 2009
I love her, love her, love her. Never have I been so enthralled with a singer as I am with Susan Boyle. Throughout the day I just have to have a Susan fix so I get on U Tube and listen to her beautiful voice again. Sometimes I tear up and sometimes I sit in front of the computer and applaud. Keep up the good work, Susan. Every time you perform you just get better.
Veneta commented on June 19, 2009
Teesiel,thank you!You are lucky girl! Thank you again for sharing your gorgeous days in Scotland Score: 10
dmichael commented on June 18, 2009
i knew julian was a kewl guy!! looks like they are having fun! what a gentleman. susan looks fantastic
bizylizy3 commented on June 18, 2009
Score: 10! :)
bluewren commented on June 18, 2009
You know that is something to see Susan is enjoying the camaraderie of fellow talented people (regardless of age) sharing a rare experience I think it will prove to be one of her fondest memories. That tour wasn't such a bad thing after all:-).With the Susan Boyle touch she has managed to turn it into something special.
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