Susan Boyle - Memory BGT Live Tour - Birmingham 12.6.2009.flv
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Submitted By: 281165 on June 13, 2009
About the Video: Susan singing Memory. Recording was made more from the right from Susan's perspective.
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lildinks commented on June 15, 2009
she is sooo awesome. thx for this post
someone who cares commented on June 14, 2009
Is there a single link on this site that one can click just for the breaking news on Susan?
tom14tom16 commented on June 14, 2009
An Angel singing, fantastic!!!!
someone who cares commented on June 14, 2009
There's a story out that Susan did a major bungle and mixed up the words to her song - I believe they referred to Dream in the matinee show. Who the heck cares? I just care that I've heard she is sick again and will be missing performances. Susan, I am so sorry to hear you are so upset. Don't let the world steal your happiness. Rise above it girl. Your friends and family will be at your side as well as your true fans. It hurts me to see your face when you are sad or so tired. We all just want to rush to your aid. You need someone strong by your side that will be there to lift you up and who you know will not betray your trust. Big {{{{{{{{{{HUG}}­}}}}}}}}
tom14tom16 commented on June 14, 2009
score:10 She is fantastic.
Susan43212 commented on June 14, 2009
Thanks for posting 2811065. Carol I envy you! You were there!!! I had read in the chat room that you were going to share your recording. Thanks for coming through and giving us a taste of the live performance. Ohhhhhh, I cannot wait until Susan tours in the USA. Susan just keeps getting better and better! You are our superstar, Susan!!!
husker2 commented on June 13, 2009
'A new day has begun'. Susan; enjoy!
entropydecides commented on June 13, 2009
Please let me be in the audience soon. Loved the video thanks! I can't help but be wowed, and wooed by every performance. Britain seems so much farther away than ever before.
someone who cares commented on June 13, 2009
Correction, I meant to say that Susan appeared used falsetto at {where happiness is} at the end of the song. (Not at {memory too}. If that is her falsetto there, it is one of the best I have heard. I loved every note. She keeps getting better and better in each performance. It sounds like they have the top ten performing virtually for weeks. How tiring that must be. It would be hard for most new talent to add another song with that type of schedule, but I know that Susan knows so many by heart, perhaps they'll let her do that during the tour some time. I'm hoping for something like Climb Every Mountain, Something Wonderful, Bali Hai, People Will Say We're in Love, Can't Help Lovin Dat Man, Love is a many Splendored Thing, This Nearly Was Mine (maybe duet either with Placido Domingo or Josh Groban), If I Loved You, Getting To Know You, We Kiss in a Shadow, You'll Never Walk Alone, My Favorite Things, Oh What a Beautiful Morning... (Did I mention I am a big Rogers and Hammerstein fan, but then that's just one composer and lyricist. The possibilities go on for miles.) Susan, Susan, Susan, the list just goes on and on and that's just from one composer/lyrici­st team.
Helen Medeiros commented on June 13, 2009
Now there is a real lady...I hope she gets to sing to the Queen
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