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Submitted By: TommyUSA on May 27, 2009
About the Video: Things just weren't as sweet .................


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Amazone commented on June 04, 2009
lets dance!......lov­ely "old" song. Thanks for sharing it.
Texas Rose commented on June 02, 2009
Couldn't have said it better myself. Well put Tommy!
camisu11 commented on May 29, 2009
Cool TommyUSA I wondered and hoped you would. They will mean even more if we know she has viewed them. Maybe after the competition a few weeks we can even get her onto the site, would that be a dream to dream or what?! I would really really like a copy of your CD and would be more than willing to purchase it. Let me know. And when the competition is over & you can breathe then when you can please let us know when & if we are sending roses together to Susan. Se I don't want much;-)
ammo commented on May 28, 2009
Dellygal, don't worry, I do the same thing. Re-watch video postings and go to comment again....then have to check to see if I already have done. It's happened a few times.
ammo commented on May 28, 2009
You've done it again Tommy. A truly beautiful tribute to Susan with Paul's wonderful voice. I had to play it twice..the first time it kept stopping..and jumping...So glad I didn't give up and I replayed it. Wonderful work. Thanks again. The begin with the flowers changing colour was amazing. That was my favourite visual, besides pictures of Susan of course.
DANNYG. commented on May 28, 2009
Oh, Paul has been great. Wish we could thank him some way.
TommyUSA commented on May 28, 2009
hello everyone.... good to see all you wonderful Susan fans today. Seems some of us are on the same page. I have already talked to Paul about a chat- blog on here, so we can chat in a seperate room. But be patient... he is a very busy man. I commend him on his great, untiring work on this site. He is a prince. So just hold on for awhile, and I am sure he will come up with something that will make us all happy. Thank you all for your comments. Blessings, Tommy
delly commented on May 28, 2009
DannyG, I think that's a good idea. It can get tedious going from video to video. I have to go back and check them to see if I have posted and rated them. I'm an old lady. I forget. lol I guess it would be like a chat room.
DANNYG. commented on May 28, 2009
Tommy, score 10 x 10 x 10 ad infinitum. You do these so wee, and you choice of music is so inspired. Perfect song choice. I am glad to read you plan to put them together on a disk and sen to Susan. Would it be possible, would you consider letting us buy some copies. I would love to have them to keep to play over and over. Wish Susan could see them now, maybe it would help her. I hope what Piers was saying about her getting so stressed and fragile is an exaggeration. I do not understand why she is not being protected from being harassed and from having any knowledge of the tabloids and other attacks from the slime. It will be an unforgivable tragedy if these things are allowed to upset her to the point of marring her performance in the finals. I was very upset when I got on the computer this morning to read about this stuff continuing. Allikat, Wild Ol Dan, Sueandpebbles, some of y'all tell me it is not as bad as it seems. Here's a thought I had. Would like to hear what everyone think, especially Paul. Do you all think we need a General Blog. I know we all, when we are commenting on a picture or video, etc., often go on to talk about other subjects and thoughts since that is the only place we can. I like to see what everyone has to say about everything, and it can be hard going from blog to blog to do that. If we had a blog where we could talk about everything Susan, we could respond to the pictures and videos and those blogs and cover everything else on the General Blog. Would be easier to read everyone's thoughts and respond and discuss. I think I have taken lots of words to describe something simple. Anyway, Paul, and others, what do you think?
PWattis commented on May 28, 2009
Wonderful again, Tommy! I really hope Susan sees all your tributes! And you know what else I hope...
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