''TRUE GRIT'' by TommyUSA
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on November 08, 2009
About the Video: "TRUE GRIT"

This video was inspired by the article:

"True Grit - Susan Boyle is the real thing"

by Niall O'Dowd....

Yes, that is our Susan....

Thank you, Mr. O'Dowd!


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jtl commented on November 25, 2009
What a beautiful story! Thank you, so so true!
bhallettm commented on November 11, 2009
Beautiful! And this is why we all love her.
Patricia's Art commented on November 10, 2009
Great video Tommy. This was a wonderful article by Mr O'Dowd.
dove commented on November 09, 2009
beautiful tommy her life story is touch in every one's heart tears fall cuz we felt the same what she feltin her her darness side but now were happy cuz she now victorous inspite of her bitter trials........r­eally God never abandon her He let susan to be victorous and let emabarrased to some not good to her specially sharon osbourn i hate viewing her bad comment to our lady susan ...............­.......... from philipines
whiskers commented on November 09, 2009
Tommy, you continue to amaze me with these beautiful videos, thanks for all your work. Susan is pure grit and beautiful. Score 10
Graysea commented on November 09, 2009
Tommy, another wonderful "True Grit" video. You said it all. Thank you. Score 10
scotiamag commented on November 09, 2009
Tommy, happy belated birthday greetings. I watched this video in a dimly lit room, with the music turned low and then, at the end, Susan's voice just soared. It was magical. Thank you Tommy. Score 10.
pomsarepeople commented on November 09, 2009
Really enjoyed this - and all the new chic photos of Susan. I also love this version of IDAD from the final. Great choice!
Sandrausa commented on November 09, 2009
Tommy, how beautiful this is. The more I learn about Susan , there is just more reason I love her. She is so deserving of all the good things she has now achieved. By the way, I want to wish you "Happy Birthday " too. Your a winner!
Selimron commented on November 09, 2009
No pretense-What we see is what we get. Thanx Tommy.
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