The Rose.
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wood dulcie
Submitted By: wood dulcie on September 03, 2009
About the Video: The first time we saw and heard Susan until now she has become a beautiful rose. We have watched her grow and shared her journey.
Music: Bette Milder
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PWattis commented on September 08, 2009
Beautiful! Very lovely!
jaja commented on September 06, 2009
For Dulcie: I will do the links,but automat me write it be not my password,but on Fan site function.So I not understand. This is very beautiful and tender video.Thank Fanda Score:10
aunty R commented on September 04, 2009
What a beautiful tribute by a very talented artist to another. I have always loved this song, now it does indeed represent a true rose coming into full bloom. Thank you so much for this wonderful presentation.
Selimron commented on September 04, 2009
Beautifully done. Our Lady Susan is and always will be #1.
sharon lynn commented on September 04, 2009
Wow Dulcie, this is awesome. Great analogy. Love the song and the pictures. Thank you so very much. Beautiful work and labor of love.
sis23 commented on September 04, 2009
This is a BEAUTIFULL video wood dulcie!!! How do you tell a Rose that you love her? How do you not cry when beauty is laid before you? Openess of heart and mind is the true path to love. Blessing to all of you.
mitchouline commented on September 04, 2009
tumbleweed commented on September 04, 2009
Most beautiful tribute to Susan, and her entry into our lives. [I note that some 'anti-Susan' comments have crept into the British press as Susan's pre-orders of her Album Top the Charts before even its release.] Abuse cannot stop Susan. Video score 10 plus.
a fan from thailand commented on September 04, 2009
Beautiful video, song, roses, Su Bo, and all. Thank you.
Patricia's Art commented on September 04, 2009
This is lovely. Yeah Susan! Susan's #1!