'There's Something about Susan' - 12/12/13
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Susan Boyle gets ready for her first series of concerts and struggles with nerves...

The fascinating documentary goes behind-the-scenes of Susan's first solo tour, which saw her perform across her beloved Scotland in the summer of 2013. Despite being a global superstar, the singing-sensation has suffered from anxiety all her life -- could she overcome those nerves to wow her adoring fans? This film sees Susan prepare for the sell-out concerts in Scotland, the UK and the US.

This is a clip from the documentary - we're not including the whole film because it's available on DVD in the UK (

Remember, for those outside the UK, it might not play because it's in a different DVD format. Might play on a computer, definitely will play on an all-region DVD player. If you do decide to buy an all-region DVD player, please click on the blue buttons for Amazon at the top of the Main site, and search for 'all-region DVD players'.
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