This Morning - Amanda Holden (29 May 2009)
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Anja edens
Submitted By: Anja edens on August 03, 2009
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Amanda talks very highly about Susan in this video
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AndySleeter commented on August 15, 2009
I am sorry. It was Amanda with Alan Carr...... not David Carr as I said earlier.
AndySleeter commented on August 15, 2009
Amanda's appearance in David Carr's show has totally changed my image of her.
bluewren commented on August 12, 2009
Very good Amanda interview she loves Susan Boyle she has from the start.She has also credited Susan elswhere for being responsible for her break into America.Before Susan American's didn't even know what BGT was.
Linda Sharon commented on August 04, 2009
I really like this woman with any interview I've seen of her. She's real and open and supportive of Susan and what she's gone through. I just like her personality.
Trish#1 commented on August 04, 2009
Absolutely delightful! How I enjoyed Amanda's down-to-earth transparent responses during this interview. I feel I owe her a debt of gratitude for her geuine loving support of Susan's matchless vocal talent. Love this gorgeous lady's delightful accent...and a peek at her "princess-like" little daughter!
Selimron commented on August 04, 2009
Sorry,I meant to rate this a 10 the first time I watched it.