Tribute To Susan Boyle I Dreamed A Dream
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Submitted By: Anonymous on May 18, 2009
About the Video: yofatdaddy wrote: I Dreamed A Dream
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Dottie51 commented on May 20, 2009
Love it!!!
possielou commented on May 19, 2009
I love you without knowing you. I could listen to you sing "I Dreamed a Dream" all day. It makes me cry. It is wonderful. You reach my very heart.
Another Susan commented on May 19, 2009
Oops! Your slide that says "We love you to Susan" should be "We love you too, Susan" - the pictures are great and the production is really great! Score: 10
Navyvet commented on May 18, 2009
Thank you...awesome tribute...wonde­rfully done!!!!
Lovin' Every Minute! commented on May 18, 2009
Great tribute! Love the captions - We should make up bumper stickers - "They Haven't Heard Nothin' Yet!"
Allikat commented on May 18, 2009
A most enjoyable way to listen to 'I Dreamed a Dream' for sure! "They Haven't Heard Nothing Yet" is a particularly priceless caption!
Godscre commented on May 18, 2009
She's rocked not only the audience but the world! ;) Great video! Thank you! Susan, enjoy your dream. Blessings to all.
mina commented on May 18, 2009
very well done, i agree with yourawesome they have heard nothing yet!!
mina commented on May 18, 2009
score: 10
YourAwesome commented on May 18, 2009
Thank you!! Thank you!!! Your right..they haven't heard nothing yet!! Susan is a "STAR"­; and has the world at her feet...not one is fooling me into believing that she is not a winner!! Waiting impatiently for her CD, to see what contracts she has signed, to know what shows she will be in, simply just to watch her dreams unfold in front of us!! We get to see the shining "STAR"­; SHINE!!! :) Soon!! :) God Bless you Susan!!