Understanding the Susan Boyle Phenomenon
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Submitted By: Cookiezzz on July 05, 2009
About the Video: SenseSword wrote: We are the world and Susan has taken the world by storm through you tube and the internet. Yes she has an outstanding voice, but what makes the phenomenon happen. This is my view on how and why Susan Boyle has taken the world's heart and why when people listen to her they feel so uplifted.
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tumbleweed commented on October 17, 2009
I enjoyed this thoughtful summary. Score 10.
ammo commented on July 06, 2009
What an amazing video etc. Susan Boyle is truly an amazing woman. No-one is ordinary. Who can define the word ordinary anyway? We are all unique.
joyceleo commented on July 06, 2009
This video reminds me of the famous "Family of Man" book of photos. Susan does inspire a sense of humanity, love, and inspiration all over the world. She is the first to do so in a long, long time. In no way is she the ordinary woman; she was just an exordinary woman undiscovered for a long time by the people. She seemed to know that all along. Thank God she got her chance. All of us are miraculous.
Marie-Fan Forever Canada commented on July 06, 2009
I appreciate the overall message from this video...The voice and tone of voice "sounds&qu­ot;better today...perhaps­...just me hearing it differently though....
pfhare commented on July 06, 2009
I very much enjoyed this pictoral essay! Thanks. I am in agreement with what you said, and also especially attracted to Susan because she reminds me of the value of being dedicated to one's dream, one's life-long ambition. She tended to family needs and responsibilitie­s while developing and honing her skills as a singer. She believed in herself. And the day came when she was free of responsiblities and ready to step into her new role. And the world is a better place for it!
Cookiezzz commented on July 05, 2009
Hello again, I have never join a fan site before either. But I was drawn to Susan Boyle. If I could be just one of those stepping stones to help her achieve her goal. Great!!! It is blessing to see a person go from rags to riches as they say. A great success story in the making and we're going for the ride. But I most say that I have met some great people with heart and passion on this site. It's an honor sharing time with you all. Thanks for sharing. Much love and care. Carol
katladyd commented on July 05, 2009
Cookiezz, I have my talents, that I know. My talents, however, are shared by many people. I like me, who I am and what I stand for, but I am no Susan Boyle. I do like the idea that it was her very next-door-neighbor quality that made people love her! Susan is probably the only celebrity (gosh, our girl's a celebrity now!) that I have ever really followed. I enjoy many types of music and own CDs from many different artists (I think I have every Beatle album ever produced and some rare video footage and interviews from early in their careers), but I have never been an official "fan" of anyone but Susan Boyle. I do believe she possesses the most beautiful voice I have ever heard! Plus, I just plain want the lady to succeed beyond her wildest dreams. People love Susan Boyle, it's as simple as that.
Cookiezzz commented on July 05, 2009
katladyd, Susan may have felt like you. I'm just ordinary. Maybe one day something will happen to you so you too can say to yourself. I'm exceptional. If you stop and add up all you do on a daily basis right now I'm sure that you're exceptional already. You're a Susan Boyle fan ain't you not? From what I've seen she draws the best of humanity. We all applauded her success and wisdom. We love her strength and self respect!!! Susan to me is beautiful from the inside out.
Loved commented on July 05, 2009
Very true. I've talked to many women who've felt empowered by Susan's example to pursue their dreams even when others have told them they're not thin enough or young enough or beautiful enough. Susan had been pursuing her dream for a long time but she didn't let other people's standards hold her back. Remember the gumption she showed in her first appearance? I just fell in love with her right then and there. But why did she find success at this time and place when the pressure to conform to the plastic-botoxed-perfect person has a much stronger stranglehold on people than it did when she was younger? That I believe is a miracle. We don't all have a voice like Susan's but every one of us has some gift to share with the world and we must not let others dictate whether or not we are acceptable.
katladyd commented on July 05, 2009
Susan is in no way ordinary. I am ordinary in many aspects. Susan is exceptional. The only thing ordinary about her were her looks, not her talent or her spunk and determination. She is now so pretty, no longer "plain&quo­t;! Is she ordinary any longer? I think not. I doubt she ever was.
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