UpClose Britains got talent tour - Susan Boyle 2009 Sheffield Arena
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Submitted By: Patricia's Art on June 14, 2009
About the Video: Sparkle1025 wrote: Susan Boyle At Sheffield Arena On 13th June. Britains Got Talent Tour 2009
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Trish#1 commented on June 25, 2009
Dearest Susan: As I view this video clip, it is obvious that you heavily rely upon the Lord to enable you to share your God-given talent with the world. I am so grateful that you overcame the odds, and accepted the challenge of pursuing your dream of becoming a professional singer. Your mother's vision for you was God's vision, as evidenced in the Lord's glory that is manifested in your radiant face and angelic singing each time you perform! I marvel at the stage presence you have already developed so early in this tour! The Lord will continue to provide you with His JOY and STRENGTH each new day. Lean on HIM, Susan, and trust Him to guide your steps, as you follow His purpose for your precious life. Deepest love and prayers, Pat Pierce
mp41&gap commented on June 15, 2009
Susan is amazing. I loved her strong vocal performance, but hated the screams of the audience. I will be thrilled when her album comes out, then I can appreciate Susan alone. Otherwise, I loved it. Wish I could have heard the rest. Susan rates a 10, the crowd a 5, and the recorder a 9.
anandakumari commented on June 15, 2009
LOVE LADY SUSAN! I'm waiting the Album . THANK YOU SO MUTCH.
Veneta commented on June 15, 2009
This video is made by stitchmad. Ilike it so much! Enjoy here! http://www.yout­­8WBYjnBJtvY
katladyd commented on June 15, 2009
The people are screaming because they love her. Distracting, but wonderful at the same time. People just adore this woman, and not just for her voice!
Dottie51 commented on June 15, 2009
I just loved this clip!!!! I loved hearing her fans cheering for her! I loved seeing that she could miss the words but, like a true professional, she could also just keep on going... Like someone pointed out, Sinatra flubbed up his words all the time. Susan is still new to the stage, it's still all overwhelming for her, but she's doing a great job. She has this wonderful instrument, her incredible voice, and a heart full of love and hope. She connects so directly with us! And those minor glitches help show her that her fans are with her and are not going to turn away if she makes any mistakes. As to the noise, you can't rein in peoople's enthusiasm, nor would you want to!!! Let them yell and scream and shout their love to her! When we get the cd's we'll have plenty of time to listen to the songs unencumbered by people's enthusiasm!! But some of us will buy the recordings of live performances, just because we enjoy the electricity present there!!!!!
Veneta commented on June 15, 2009
Dear friends!She is singing more than 36 years by now and always in live, not almost time in studio with a huge amount of comps! She is singing like talking with audience. She is so real human and that's why we all love her!
fossilbarb commented on June 15, 2009
Check my profile for the address to send a "noisy crowd" complaint. It won't post here.
fossilbarb commented on June 15, 2009
Britain’s Got Talent live tour is organised and Phil McIntyre Entertainments. (To complain about the noisy crowds who interfere Their email address is info@mcintyre-ents.
fossilbarb commented on June 15, 2009
Britain’s Got Talent live tour is organised and promoted by Phil McIntyre Entertainments. (To complain about the noisy crowds who interfere in Susan's performances) Their email address is Someone should tell the audience to have respect when she is on stage.
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