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Submitted By: catspawsdanceuponthewaters on June 25, 2009
About the Video: catspawsdanceuponthewaters wrote: I am enjoying talking about how I feel about Susan Boyle. Everyone in my family thinks I'm a goof to get this attached to a person's performance and music.
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Veneta commented on June 28, 2009
Dear catspaws, you make me feel better! All your words are mine too!!! Score: 10
mkyonmibck commented on June 26, 2009
Score: 10
Graysea commented on June 26, 2009
Dear Catspawa, very nice tribute. I don't know what it is, but I have been hit with this obsession and I love it. My family and friends like Susan's singing, but they don't carry on like I do and I am very much a senior lady. I can't get enough of Susan. I was away for 5 days with a laptop that couldn't get any of the videos, and I had to come home early just so I could see some of the tour concerts. I don't know why Simon and or whoever, can't produce some professional videos of Susan in these concerts. I think they will sell, don't you?
Meme commented on June 26, 2009
Catspaws, what a wonderful tribute to Susan. You expressed beautifully what so many of us feel. Thank you.
Jeana commented on June 26, 2009
I admire and love her for the same reasons. We are sisters united for each other and our favorite, Susan Boyle!!!Best Cinderella story on the planet. Love to Susan fans
mp41&gap commented on June 26, 2009
Dear Catspaws - We all share your heartfelt love for Susan. Thanks for letting us share your lov. I love you, too and this wonderful tribute to Susan. You'll love this loving fan site, just as we do.
joyceleo commented on June 26, 2009
Catspaw, I'm glad you "get it". It's a blessing to be in Susan thrall. Welcome.
sis23 commented on June 26, 2009
Welcome catspaws, your video is so heartfelt. We all truely love Susan and wish her the best. You will my many friends here. Best of love.
pfhare commented on June 26, 2009
Lots of us "first-timers" on this fansite! There are many things I love to do each day and visiting a fansite has never been one of them. But it is now! I hope Susan has time to visit this site now and again, and enjoy US enjoying HER.
Murdo commented on June 26, 2009
We have another very talented and beautiful singer in the UK called Jane McDonald - a gorgeous and glamorous lady - and you look like a younger version of her! (very much!) I loved watching your video.
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