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Submitted By: Anonymous on October 27, 2009
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Jay commented on February 01, 2010
I could listen to her forever, she makes me feel so good, and when i am down, she brings me up. I adore you Susan.
Jay commented on November 25, 2009
I Just love Susan, ever since I first heard her sing, it brought tears and it still does. I can connect with her feelings. I wish her all the luck in tne world. I just wish I was able to see her in person.
Tungjane commented on November 22, 2009
Can anyone tell me when can I get the latest ablum of Susan in M'sia?
decatursa commented on November 21, 2009
Susan you sing for all of us .I too attended to the care for my mom and now she has been in heaven for four years and life has not been the same. I had to stop work do to I was ill, my father died in 1997 and my mom had to move from her home she need just a little help with errands and getting to doctors and so on so she came to live with me. was ill but I was work then work, or doctor visits and I became very ill and had to stop work,but I was still strong to be able to care for her and it help me too to stay strong and it was the best time that my mom and i spent together .My mom was my life morming, noon and night and when she died it was hard for me i had more time and my body was doing a lot of talking. so for two years I gave my self extra care . now I am starting to live again . Susan Boyle as given me back hope and the confidence to go for my dreams that its never to late, She and I are about the same age . Susan you give me hope and the courage to dream and the strength to go for them and the hope that Dreams do come true . you are an inspiration to me .God Bless you Susan Boyle and all the wonderful people that share the same sorrow . antonio Sustaita
Leslie R commented on November 15, 2009
Like so many others, I can't begin to verbalize the effect that Susan has had on me. The word addiction comes up often in peoples descriptions, and on some level it seems that way to me too. I wanted so badly to go and see her in New York on the 23rd, even had my train schedule and my room booked. Scared to death of the thought of going to this big city alone and trying to find the place to wait in line to see her, but was determined to brave it as she had braved her audition. Then I read about this so called stalker and thought "Oh my God, is that how she might see so many of us that want so badly to reach out to her and be a friend." She has this pull on so many of us and it's like nothing I have ever experienced. I have admired other singers in the past like Barbara Striesand and Anne Murray but never ever was affected by anyone like I have been with Susan. I have decided to not go to see her as I don't want to make her afraid of our enthusiasm. I have bought her album and will follow her career and wish her only the best. She means the world to me but my gratitude and appreciation towards her will be from afar. Blessed be, Susan
tjh123 commented on November 05, 2009
why was she not discovered years ago with voice so wonderfull.
pomsarepeople commented on November 03, 2009
Check out the Amazon Canadian website!! Thank you KarenLynne. There is an extensive interview (we saw the edited one in the U.S) with Susan and new pictures and video. She admits to putting Simon in his place with that little wiggle. Smart cookie . . . We love you Susan!
beverly gilmer commented on November 03, 2009
i love her voice. hope she does a christmas one. i would buy all of them. i love her. beverly gilmer
Sandrausa commented on November 03, 2009
KarenLynn, I feel the same way about Susan Boyle. She is one special person. I have to admit, I've never been caught up by anyone like this. Susan is just one very special person that rarely comes along. I am so thrilled she is here now for all of us.
willem commented on November 03, 2009
I just wish a world full of persons like Susan. What a great place to live the world would be.
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