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Submitted By: TommyUSA on June 13, 2009

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jtl commented on November 26, 2009
Tommy I have enjoyed all your videos so very much, I dedicated my holiday this weekend to try to see everything you have done to honor Susan. Thank you. loved everyone of them
jtl commented on November 26, 2009
She has indeed! Millions have been touched and shall continue to increase. One little woman willing to risk and take a chance. Wow! The power of love, and the power of being real, genuine. She certainly touched my world.
LOVEfromON,CA commented on June 14, 2009
Beautiful and hope one day appreciated by the one who caused this video come to life.
OneoftheFans commented on June 14, 2009
beautiful. tommy, you have a beautiful heart too. thanks for that. amazing.
TommyUSA commented on June 13, 2009
Blessings to all my friends and SUSAFAMILY.....­...Love you all....Thank you for all your nice comments...I appreciate it so much. :) SUSAN HAS DEFINATELY CHANGED THE WORLD..IT ISN'T THE SAME AS IT WAS 2 MONTHS AGO FOR SURE...I JUST ADORE THIS BEAUTIFUL ANGEL. TILL NEXT TIME...........­.........
Betz commented on June 13, 2009
Graghics are great! Almost Fantasy like. That is where Susan takes us when she sings. But she is for real. Thanks for the video.
Graysea commented on June 13, 2009
Wonderful video Tommy. What beautiful pictures of Susan. You are amazing and you have talent too. Thank you.
camisu11 commented on June 13, 2009
Add my comment, okay, I want to & as I read the love of those just on this video, I am so amazed that we will so much the same & with the same intensity. I have to say it in my own words & I won't apologize, God is with Susan & thru her face, her smile, her weaknesses, her vocals, her kitty, her quiet life in Scotland, her dreams, her devotion to her family, wanting just pure acceptance but still searching. I was so much at a turning point when Susan appeared on my computer screen. So many nice things comforted me when I could find no comfort, songs to lift my spirits, friends, but it is even more, I was led to Susan and to you all. Tommy now each night I wonder is Tommy at home making a new video. The songs that come into my mind. Just let her have time to sing more songs, protect her & let her dream be realized. We need that too. Most of all we love you Susan it is a beautiful journey.
husker2 commented on June 13, 2009
joaniel commented on June 13, 2009
Oppppp's, I did it again. Any way Tommy, you are so right she is changing the world, I know she lift's me up every time I see her or hear her amazing voice. She is a breath of fresh air. She gives me hope, where their is no hope. And faith when I quite believing, God is full of surprises, and Susan is the best thing that has come alone for me in a long while!!. You Tommy are a wonderful messenger for Susan and for God. You were blessed with this special gift, and you are not only lifting Susan up, but the world who loves her. You make everything she does even more special for all of us. Thank You Tommy, We all Love you. You are a blessing to us.
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