Youngest Fan of Susan Boyle
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Submitted By: Anonymous on June 01, 2009
About the Video: karenyee35 wrote: Ethan is probably the youngest fan (at 2 and half years old) of Susan Boyle. He imitates Susan while watching her video on You Tube.... Everyday, he would ask for Susan's video on my PC. He would say "Susan is so pretty.. I like her"
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songbirdwatcher commented on February 28, 2010
I wish you would send this to Susan's official home site. she would absolutely love this.
Ron 66713 commented on February 28, 2010
An awsome video!! Score:10
CowgirlTX commented on November 11, 2009
Still adore this video!! Thanks again, Ethan and E's mom...Still a 10
Jeana commented on August 01, 2009
I love this video. This is not the first time I've seen it. This child is so cute, and maybe our next super talent. Love to Susan fans, especially this cute baby!
Marjenda commented on July 21, 2009
Holy Smokes, what a teasure. WE might have a very young susan boyle on our hands. loved it!
Michigan commented on June 25, 2009
Adorable!! Cute!! and quite a singer!!!
CaliforniaFan commented on June 25, 2009
Beautiful!! What a beautiful child. What a joy to see our angel touching the heart of little angel Ethan. This is the absolute proof: THE WORLD NEEDS SUSAN BOYLE! All of us -- young and old. Let's pray Susan will continue giving her gift to the world and, most importantly, that she is happy, takes good care of herself, and stays strong.
pretty@55 commented on June 21, 2009
This is video is absolutely toooooooooooooo cute; and the little fan is even cuter.
CowgirlTX commented on June 10, 2009
10 10 10 Truly an uplifting video which i've watched several times. Ethan knows a good thing, doesn't he? Again, thanks AND SOMEONE show it to Susan, pleeeeeeeze!! hugs
Amazone commented on June 05, 2009
young kids are not afraid to watch with there heart. Till older people take that away from them.
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