BGT Tour, Sheffield - 6/13/09, 'I Dreamed A Dream' *
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Submitted By: 281165 on June 14, 2009
About the Video: Susan Boyle singing . Reasonably close, not that sharp, you can see Susan leaving the stage!
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eagleflight commented on June 15, 2009
I agree with you in prayer youareloved. Thank you so much for this video 281165.( I feel like I'm rating a license plate #) Hope to know your first name.
youareloved commented on June 15, 2009
To mtrvrpoet- thanks for your prayers for Susan. I too am praying that verse from Isaiah over Susan for tonite - when she appears in Scotland. Please pray for her health and her voice, for protection for her, for wisdom and favour from God and man. I have a question - CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW MANY FANSITES Susan has?
Laurie O commented on June 15, 2009
Beautiful Susan. Thank you
mtrvrpoet commented on June 14, 2009
God is so clearly with you, Susan. I've been called to pray for you all day today & just now found that you needed rest (11:30 CST USA). He is making sure you are surrounded w/ prayers always & especially when you need some extra lifting up. Please pray for Susan as she wouldn't have been advised to rest if she didn't need it. I know she wants to be at her best for Scotland. And she will feel pressure to perform her very best for her own country. Susan - You will walk & not fall, run & not grow weary, you will rise up on the wings of eagles - God has promised & He is true to His promises. I love you, Susan!! Your sister in Christ, mtrvrpoet
Patricia's Art commented on June 14, 2009
Looking at her walking off the stage you can see how much weight she has lost! She is the incredable shrinking woman, it must be the tour and all the excitement .
Patricia's Art commented on June 14, 2009
Wow ! Susan sounds great ! I can hardly wait for the CD!
mina commented on June 14, 2009
thanks for posting, i knew they were people closer to her and taping!!
mina commented on June 14, 2009
Godscre commented on June 14, 2009
thank you for sharing disco talent. Best wishes. jan
Debp commented on June 14, 2009
Wonderful to see our Susan like this!! Her dream coming true....God bless her!!
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